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Ready for W4R3 and the park isn't even open yet!

Who am I? What on Earth has happened to me?!!

Gearing up for my first run with my Forerunner 110 and heart rate monitor. Going to take this one a bit steadier, hopefully, as W4R2 was awful for me with crippling stitch by the end. That was the first bad run I've had and it has knocked my confidence slightly. I think I was over-confident from completing the first run nice an steady! Ah well, you live and learn. I just need to remember to learn to run before I can... er... run :)

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...Take it easy - slow and steady. Bad run better than no run is the mantra. For a stitch - blow in and out as though you are blowing up a balloon (dr chap advised me on that).

The Garmin is a great toy - it is lovely to see progress and the mileage building up. slightly scary what your heart rate can be.

Happy running


Mine's only a FR10 but I love it & if you've been pushing a bit to hard, look for the virtual pacer on your Garmin, set it for a steady pace & it will tell when you get ahead of yourself (on pace & behind pace too.)


Aha, thanks! I'll investigate before my run tomorrow - still getting to grips with it :)


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