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Completed and ready for the 5K in Boston!

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Today I ran my final W9R3. My "runs"....actually steady jogs (Laura says it's about the journey, right?) were all different. The last two weeks started on my treadmill in my basement, then 3 runs outdoors in southern Florida (first time outdoors), a different treadmill in central Florida and wrapped it up back home indoors (it's pretty frigid outdoors here).

I learned that once breathing and stamina were mastered, for me, it's pretty much a head game....keeping focused. I read the many posts here that encouraged, offered insights and creative solutions, and shared the celebrations and set backs.

Now, I'm ready for my graduation badge...and already planning the next goal. While I'm no where near 5K in 30 minutes, I'm prepared to run a 5K in another couple of weeks with my daughter in Boston.

Now, as I stare down my 60th birthday in May, I plan to "master" the 5k! Wish me luck and know that I'm encouraging you all in your individual quests.

You can do it!

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Brilliant post.

Congratulations on completing week9! And a very good luck in your future runs!

I'm on W8 and it's always been great boost reading posts by people who have completed the journey... Looking forward to joining you as a Graduate soon.

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Moet527Graduate in reply to MarionSky

THanks, MarionSky. Good luck on your final week and onward & upward!

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Well done and congratulations. Its lovely to read everyones stories. How lovely that you have a run planned already with your daughter too. Enjoy your running x

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Moet527Graduate in reply to no-excuse

I think my daughter is going to leave me in the dust, but I know she's very proud to have her Mom join the race! Thank you, no-excuse (I like your handle!)

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Well done. I am on week 6 and definitely steadily jogging rather than running. Enjoy your 5k in whatever time it takes.

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Moet527Graduate in reply to Windswept1

Thanks Windswept1. Good luck with your final weeks. and keep your eye on the prize!

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Sixty is definitely the new thirty, Moet527. Good luck with the 5k run and with all your running, now that you are a C25k graduate. Congratulations.

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Moet527Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Can I quote you? Thanks, IannodaTruffe!

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Congratulations and good luck for the Boston 5k

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Moet527Graduate in reply to Mummysaurus

Thanks, Mummysaurus. I'm looking forward to it.

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Good luck with your future quests! And congratulations on your graduation :)

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Moet527Graduate in reply to LSBeech75

Thanks LSBeech75!

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Congratulations. Enjoy the run with your daughter. Onwards and upwards.

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Moet527Graduate in reply to Tinyrun

Thanks Tinyrun!

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That's fantastic! Congratulations. Your post is very encouraging. Enjoy your 5k runs :)

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Moet527Graduate in reply to Daisy23

It's not easy...but well worth the pain and struggle. Thanks Daisy23 and good luck to you.

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That's lovely. Well done on graduating. Good luck with the 5k run with your daughter.

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Moet527Graduate in reply to waletta

Thank you seeing the posts from graduates and new runners alike!

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Wow, what an inspiration you are to all of those people of an age where exercise does not necessarily come easy.

I'm just finishing my Week 9 and look forward to getting my graduate badge and have entered a 5k run in Milton Keynes on Sunday (March 9th) as a target to aim for (and to help raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Care).

I'm not at the 30 minute mark either but I can now run 5k which I couldn't in January. It will be a great personal achievement for me so I know exactly what you will be feeling when you step up to the start line with your daughter.

Good luck with your race and come back and let us know how you get on.

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