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Primed and ready for W6R2

Having struggled with W6R1 after the dizzy heights of accomplishing the 20 minute run of W5, I have taken two days rest, in preparation for my week 6 2ND RUN tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes better than the first run, cos although I didn't get down, I got a bit freaked out that I found a 5 minute run hard!

I cannot believe that just 6 weeks ago I had never run in my life, and yet now I feel fantastic physically and mentally. I'm off work at the moment (being a freelancer) so have the luxury of lounging in the jacuzzi after my run and spending countless hours looking at my stats on Endomondo!

SO tomorrow morning I'm out there. I'll see what my timings are and hope I can beat the 6'17sec kilometre I managed last time out.


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Wow you are doing good. :-) Don't worry about having a bit of a struggle following the glory of the 20 minute run. I think most of us have struggle with it to some degree. I think it is a bit of a shock going back to interval running (haha). Keep at it the end is in sight. :-)

Good luck with your next run.


Thanks Caz. You're right about the shock factor. The thing is to respect the program and treat it with the deference it deserves!!


Dont assume week 6 will be easy....its a beast! :) Im sure you will be fine. I found the end of the week with the 25 min run easier than the intervals. I think a lot of people have struggled. Only a few more runs to go! Best of luck.


Thanks Joanne who's 37! What week are you on?


Great work Danzargo, more than half way to graduation! Well done and keep on running :-)


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