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Week 4 Breaking a Treadmill!!

Well did week 4 run 2 today. Had to slow it down took advice on here(4.3 for run part) and ached afterwards but did it!! Was on the treadmill at the gym listening to Laura..Then I could hear this really irritating sound which got on my nerves and I wished someone would do something about it.Was on the last walk before the final 5 minutes when to my surprise I felt a tap on my shoulder."your treadmill is flashing red and making a horrible noise,I did n't want to interrupt you but I was worried you were going to fly off"!!said a very nice lady. And no I did n't use it as an excuse to stop.After saying thank you I quickly hopped onto the next treadmill zoomed up to 4.3 and did an extra minute running..

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Your running at you are pretty fit!


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