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Using my new status of graduate (as of 2 hours!) can I make a comment and ask a question?

Several commentators say they have preferred to do C25K on a treadmill as they are too embarrassed to run outdoors. Isn't it worse to be in a gym being seen by skinny minnies with swishy ponytails and/or young men with rippling muscles? I did the whole of C25K outside and the only embarrassing moment was once being passed by a proper runner doing twice my speed.

So I have never run on a treadmill. If I have a gait analysis done will I cope with a treadmill? I am a somewhat dyspraxic 67 year old and I have seen several painful-looking (albeit funny) treadmill accidents on Youtube.

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I agree. I would be far more daunted by the gym environment! But everyone is so different.

Don't worry, you only need to run a few mins for gait analysis. They will look after you 😉

Great post and I have often thought the same! I graduated this morning too (well done us!), and I’ve never had a gait analysis done as my shoes have never caused a problem. But now I’m a Runner and want to keep improving, it might be a good idea. I’m also daunted by treadmills however!! 😳🏃‍♀️


There are a small number of places which do gait analysis by watching you run on the ground (outside the shop?), I think? Run and Become is one, but I believe there's only three of them in the UK? But I'm sure they will look after you regardless.

PS I reckon more gyms are full of people looking at themselves rather than other people ;)


Only time I have been on treadmill is for gait analysis , it was strange but it isn't for long , you will be just fine , the store assistant will have dealt with loads that haven't before ,it is well worth it to get the right shoes for you


I started on a treadmill, it was definitely easier to run on a uniform and softer surface. In my gym all the equipment is lined up along three walls so everybody is literally staring at the wall and you can't really see what's going on around you. It doesn't bother me.

Well done Oldman! Am thinking of treadmills for the winter when it’s too dark to run outside but on the other hand I have a head torch (Cub leader!)

Novice61Graduate in reply to MandiV

I have a treadmill home think I have done it once I get to bored on treadmill rather be outside in fresh air I used to worry what I look like but I don’t care anymore just need to do whatever is best for you I’m 61 still can’t believe I can run for 30/40 mins


I'd never run on a treadmill till I had my gait analysis, but they let me hold onto the handles for a while till I got my rhythm. It was scary though! I think I'll stick to running outside


Many people have treadmills at home.

You will be fine for your gait analysis, just don't stop running until the treadmill stops.

Have you read the guide to post C25K running fellow runner.


Nah dead easy 😉


I have used both - although I’ve done all the C25K outside (graduation run tomorrow!) Gym’s really aren’t that scary ... the hardest bit is walking through the door - and realising most in there are just like the rest of us! I quite like a walk on the treadmill in my gym in the morning - plug my headphones in and tune into TV-am for half an hour. Better that than sit on the couch for half an hour watching it! And the store will look after you for gait analysis... I literally ‘ran’ for a minute for them to see what they needed to!


I have not graduated yet I have 4 more runs to complete to graduation. I started outside but ended up not running correctly even with gait analysis and correct trainers and with various injuries holding me up. I opted to to treadmill not in a gym but in the garage at home yes I do not see the scenery around me I put on my headphones with my music and away I go with Sarah Milligan. Running on the treadmill I have managed to get to the end of week 8 no injuries no hold ups.

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