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Hi everyone. I did my first run today, but I do it on the treadmill as running on paths affects my joints. Does anyone else just use a treadmill. I am hoping to do the race for life in June so I will start running on grass when I have completed this course and see hoe it goes.

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I have knee and weight issues i will be doing the c25k on the treadmill initially 1 today ..x

We both have the same issues and start on the same day. We should follow each other. When are you doing your next run?


People on here have done both. I did most of my c25k runs on the treadmill but with hindsight wish I had gone outside earlier just because it is a much nicer experience. Just be aware when you do leave the treadmill you might not be as rhythmical or as quick when you first get on to grass, but give it a couple of weeks and you will soon get up to your treadmill performance outside.

Good luck!

Iwilldoit in reply to Slookie

Thanks, I will be taking it easier on the grass


You may well be very wise starting off on a treadmill while the chance of bad weather is high, you are less likely to be put off by the cold/rain etc. You should have plenty of time to practice on grass before your Race for Life. Well done on getting started though, that's often the hardest part !


I started C25K on a treadmill in October, and am now on week 6 due to a couple of weeks off due to illness. Whenever I have run in the past, I have ended up with aching joints and shin splints, so I thought I would try the programme to see if it made any difference. So far, no joint problems, no shin splints, and I am loving it!

I did a run on pavements on Friday night, just under 4k, and really enjoyed the difference that running outside brings. Even better, no aches or pains other than what I would expect from running that sort of distance!

Good luck with the programme, stick with it, take your time and SLOW DOWN as the running intervals increase.

Iwilldoit in reply to Mattsv

Thanks, that makes me feel better knowing that I might not suffer when I start running on grass.


I did 95% of the program on the treadmill. I did my graduation run outside. I only use the treadmill when the weather is bad. To get myself acclimated to the Tarmac, I began the program over from week 1 and also incorporated increasing my speed. I have metatarsal problems and recently invested in a pair of Hoka Stinsons. They have the best cushioning of all the running shoes. I also noticed that they are easy on the joints. Although they look like a heavy shoe, they are really one of the lightest shoes. I can't wait to run a race in them.

Outdoor running is so much better than a TM. :)


I'm not much of a treadmill runner, but I'll say this: If you can survive the boredom of 27 runs over 9 weeks on a treadmill, then you'll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you. sure, it might be a bit harder on the joints, but the views and the air will be so much more refreshing. So all the best on your quest, and do post often so we can hear how well its going.

Iwilldoit in reply to Tomas

I do love running outside but every time I try to run on Tarmac my knees and hips hurt and it throws me back weeks. I had two dogs that I loved walking, I lost the second one last April and I didn't want to go out walking because I would meet up with their dog friends. But I am over that now and when my husband asked what I wanted for Xmas I said a dog to walk or a treadmill. I got a treadmill. But still hoping for a dog next birthday.

TomasGraduate in reply to Iwilldoit

Sorry to hear about your dog. One of the big problems with treadmills is that they absolutely suck at being cuddly - dogs are far better at that. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you getting a dog soonish.

Iwilldoit in reply to Tomas

I will keep posting.


I use the treadmill more now than I used to as my knee's have taken a while to get better. As long as you are running it does not matter where or how. When you start running on grass you will find it a fair bit different, but so take it easy. Good luck to you.


I only use the treadmill at the moment, but I want to do a parkrun to graduate properly.

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