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treadmill or outside


I did W1R1 yesterday on the treadmill at the gym. Just wondered if anyone else was using the treadmill to do their run/walks or if you were running outside??

I did W1R1 a few months ago outside, but my struggling motivation made me want to give up.

this time I'm trying the treadmill as I can go for a nice swim afterwards at the gym as a goal if I complete the runs.

Would eventually like to run outside though.

Am really pleased W1R1 is under my belt. Planning on doing R2 tomorrow :)

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Well done on doing run1 and starting the programme. There are definitely people on here who do their runs on treadmills. I know a few people are really against treadmills for running ( not on this site, I hasten to add), but if it means you enjoy and feel motivated to carry on, then that's all that really matters!

Good luck and enjoy !


Hi there MancunianPoodle. Welcome and congratulations on getting the first run under your belt. I'm a treadmill runner but I was running outside when I was doing the shorter runs, but once the runs got longer I found I was running out steam - pacing issues. I find it easier to run on a treadmill as I can set the speed and know that I won't unwittingly vary it during the course of my run.

I don't think it matters where you run, and (like LadyP says) if it helps you to focus and run by doing it at a gym then go for it!

Good luck for your next run and keep us posted on how you're doing :)


I have tried to the complete the c25k both ways. When I did it on the treadmill an unrelated injury meant I stopped. My big tip is maybe bring a small towel to cover up the time on the treadmill. I always found I was counting the seconds so not enjoying myself as much


Both! I did almost all of my c25k runs on the trotmill and it was fine. BUT oh it was so lovely to be outside when I finally got there. Much cooler, far more interesting and having a route means not always clock-watching (I do like CathrynP's towel over the display idea). There is no stepping off early because you just have to keep going until you get to the end/home/car.

My 5k speed slowed by about 10mins on my first couple of runs outside, but this is improving a bit now. I suspect this has a lot to do with not using the hill function on the trotmill and then forgetting to ask someone to turn it off when I went outside!

Just get moving where you feel happiest. The important thing is to spend 30 mins or so moving. GOOD LUCK MP. :)


Thanks for your responses. COvering the time on the treadmill sounds like a good plan! Thanks for suggesting it.

Might venture for an outdoor run next week. Will see how I feel. Got to get through W1R2 and W1R3 first!!!!



Well done you for having started. That's really such an important first step!

I happen to prefer to run outside. I find gyms boring and expensive and time consuming to get to/from. Far easier to put on a pair of shorts and go out for half an hour. But whatever works best for you :)


I did all my runs up to and including Week 4 Run 1, on the treadmill. I then started running outside. I find the treadmill a bit boring to run on and the temptation is just to get off it is too hard going. I also want to be able to run in a parkrun, so knew I needed to start running outside at some point. I am really enjoying being outside, but I know I have my treadmill there if the weather is atrocious.

I think run where you are most likely to continue with the programme, it is all running :0)


I'd say whatever works for you.

If you enjoy being in the gym and using swimming etc as a motivational reward then it's all good :)

Better that than ducking out of runs because you don't fancy doing it outside. I think it's all down to personal preference.

Good luck with the rest of your runs, wherever they might be :)


Thanks for all your comments and advice!

I actually did R2 of W1 today and did it outside as I didn't have the time to get to the gym etc.

It went better than I thought it would although I don't feel like I walked fast enough.

It was good though, so am pleased :) W1R3 on Sunday! Bring it on!!!


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