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W1 - Run 2 - Treadmill

Did my second run today on the treadmill. Did it at 3.3 walking speed and 4.3 jogging!!! It worked out 1.8 miles in 30 mins. Unfortunately the house was hot as kids had turned the heating up!!! It was a very sweaty session!!! Really pleased I was able to do it as I had a very busy morning and family were saying do it later!!!

Could anyone tell me if the speeds I set up would be about right please?


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Im doing the same speed as you. Im on week 3 now. I think you do what is comfy for u . Im 3 stone over weight and find that i push myself. I always have the 30 min run in the back of my head and think no way. Well done and keep it up x x


Thanks clarebaby for your reply. I am overweight by 2/ 2.5 stone. Good to hear you are still going at week 3!!!

Good for you!!!


Ah thanks. Im surprising myself as to far im now running . I was lucky if i could run for 20 secs at the start lol. Must say i not lost weight yet as not really trying hard enough with diet. Tummy is looking flatter though x x


I Think the weight aspect will come with time. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that as muscle is heavier than fat that you tend to notice changes in your shape first as everything tones up!!

I am determined to do it. This forum is fab everyone supports each other and theres no snide bitchy comments!!!

I love it xx


Yeah it really helps. Good luck with the rest of your week x


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