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Bu**er That Rib

OK, so ran last Saturday and ran home from work Monday and all OK both 30-40 mins. No more runs this week as life has conspired against me. I've cycled to work most days and the rib started to tweak on Thursday morning but I thought I'd slept on it funny. So again, slight twinge this morning but as it's my day off, I strapped the lady lumps (and rib) into the shockabsorber and off I went. Uncomfortable to start with but got into a rhythm and all OK. Plodded round the park and surrounding cycle track for just over 5.5K but by the time I got home.........the pain, ouch....Back on the strong drugs and I think I need to give it a decent rest from running (gutted) or is it the cycling? I honestly thought I'd just bruised the rib and the gorgeous A&E Doctor was wrong about the crack, but I guess he did know what he was talking about! Need to be on all the rides in Florida by Easter so I suppose I need to take it steady. The only upside is my fattytumtum is less than the average American!!!! Cheesed off or what!

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Ouch! Perhaps a week or two's rest will help - after all, you don't want to make it worse! Take it easy and you will be back up to full health by Easter - and running in Florida, I hope?? :)


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