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Will that wheel barrow take me home?

That was what I was thinking in the last run of tonight's episode!!

I was umming and ahhing all day as whether or not I had time after work to go out and start this week's run. Oh, and whether or not I had the energy after a particularly rubbish weekend. in the end my heart won out due to my overwhelming need not to let my charity team down during May' s 10km I've signed up to!!

So, home after work, dinner in the oven, washer on, off out I headed. Nearly went arse over tit tripping over the kitten on the way , so was delayed a minute whilst I gave him a lecture on health and safety in the home ...

Out eventually and the first run went, ok. Passed the local running team going hell for leather, chatting away. It a lot to resist the urge to go up a gear to their speed ;-)

Welcomed the walk bit after first run. felt ok though, recovered enough to do the second run of 5 mins.

But the third run of 5 mins? boy oh boy oh boy!! Mind over matter indeed! Seriously, there was an abandoned wheelbarrow on the grass verge as I ran and I really did think to sit in it and push myself home!!

But I didn't. I carried on despite my lungs and legs wanting to collapse and came one step closer to finishing this program :-)

Just got to keep this mind over matter vibe going...

Keep running everyone


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Well done!! :-)

That's it, really, just a massive well done!! :-D


cheers Stefliser :-)


Just remember, if you don't mind then it don't matter!!!


true, PeaBea, true!! but when im half way through collapsing I do mind ;-)


Well done on not giving up, and that kitty should really think about how he nearly felled an ultra athlete ;)


my red headed Scottish Arien stubborness came to the fore runningwild!! i hope I can find it again for my next run ;-)


That's the spirit that will get you through this and out the other side!


cheers Khrissy!! I just hope its not the "other side" other side ;-) honest, nearly finished me and thats just run 1 of this dreaded week 5!!

keep you posted and thanks for your support as always

ali :-)


Great blog and great achievement! :D


thanks con-brio!! I hope I can keep it up.

I may need that wheelbarrow by the end of this week ......

;-) ali


Nah, you don't need a wheelbarrow - you are a runner :D Brilliant that you went even though you didn't really want to - that's fantastic determination, and will get you to graduation. Well done you!


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