Quarries and cycle routes

21 C and all is well...

Actually, it's bloomin' hot.

Thought I'd be clever today and run 5k on the old railway line (now a cycle track). Other half has the morning off so in a complicated 'shifting people around' series of drop-offs we all (me, OH and the little one) got into the car, he dropped me off near the start of the route and then took the little one to nursery.

In theory, I could have beaten him home. He dropped me at quarter to nine, and wouldn't be home until twenty past (pushing it, but I should only have been a few minutes behind).

Ten minutes of arguing with my phone later, attracting odd looks that I ignored as I rebooted the damn thing, I finally set off.

I had forgotten about the road I needed to about a km in, but thankfully remembered just in time.

So, foiled by technology at the start and now feeling a little panicky, I plodded on. I'd be home after the other half - that was now certain, I had no illusions about suddenly breaking into a sprint. I ran past the water sports centre, surprised a rabbit (which momentarily hopped along with me) and saw no-one for the whole 5k other than the quarry workers (who didn't bat an eyelid as I ran over the bridge cutting their quarry in two).

I arrived home to brioche and fresh coffee.

The man is a legend. :)

He's now out doing week four, I should probably put the kettle on and then get back to work.

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  • Sounds like you are getting to grips with 5 K regularly now then? ( technology aside)

    well done you

  • I've done just under 5k on Monday this week, then 5k on Wednesday and 5k today. At the moment I'm working out routes where I can run 5k with the proviso in my head that it's okay to stop after 30 minutes if I need to. Thus far I haven't needed to, but e.g. if I have a bad day I'm not going to push myself to do forty minutes if I'm really not feeling the love.

  • Thats a good way to look at it.. They say increasing by ca. 10 % each week is a good way to try... I still havent sorted out my music the way i wanted to.. so just walk for 5 mins, then use week 9 , and start running at Julie.. so I've got 40 mins covered, then run my 5 k circuit... although that IS getting boring ( both music and circuit).. need something new

  • You need a playlist.

  • I need to get music on my phone..

    I KNOW (have a rough idea) what i want on there... just have to sort it out.. NOT going for a ' playlist' I'm going to try longer pieces of ( classical ) music... but need to sort of research 'playing times' and try and get a series of things round 30 - 40 minutes ( and longer) on my phone .. then i can just run to them.. try it anyway

  • It's the things like the rabbits along the way that make this a bit like becoming 11 years old again. On the best days, we go out there to play. Quite literally.

  • Great start to the morning!

  • Sounds like some good juggling of work/family life there to me Mary! I am currently building up my distance again following an injury at week 8 of the programme ( although it actually happened at work!). Currently combining getting out there at the same time my two sons are running (wks 5 & wk4). OH is a Parkrunner but stuck on marshalling duties at the moment with dodgy knee. Love this running being part of our lives! Happy running.

  • Well done on getting up and running. I have a fine balance between work and play at the moment which will all go to pot around October time when work heats up again, but for now I'll enjoy it.

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