I do like to be beside the seaside!

I've been running since January and live a mile or so from the sea, and finally did my first seafront run! Definitely picked the wrong day for it. Brighton seafront was HEAVING. I had to incorporate a sort of sideways skipping routine into my running style to get past all those people. They were everywhere and they were all just sauntering about willy-nilly. How inconsiderate! It was a great run, though. I ran further and for longer than ever, but I am seriously red in the face now. It's really, really hot out there. I need to solve the sun/running problem. Tried a cap the other day but my head got too hot. Is it acceptable to go out in public wearing one of those visors, ie a cap without the hat bit? I think my children might disown me, but it could be the answer?


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  • Must have been lovely! I enjoyed my run today, too, by the Thames.

    Wear whatever you want! Bugger what anyone else thinks :)

  • Well put :D

  • Sounds lovely. I think a visor would fit the bill very nicely!

  • How are the ankles today?

  • Slowly getting better. Still a bit sore though. Will see how they are at the weekend before I think of running again. Need to get out there though, I'm like a bear with a sore head. :)

  • I bet. I was the same and I only took a few days off. Just shows how important it has become. Hopefully it won't be long for you.

  • You might have to! It's your job to embarass your kids! A whole head covering hat is too hot. I was thinking of getting a peak visor job. I could have my name across the front. LOL Hey, write Glud across yours! That would really send the kids into hiding.

  • Ha ha, I love that idea! Or maybe we should get a batch of C25K visors made up so we can recognise each other?

  • I'd buy one, as long as they were'nt pink. Pink goes very badly with my complexion ;)

  • I think pink would blend very well with my complexion these days! Maybe not so good with the hair. Orange maybe.

  • Great idea!! Though it might cause car crashes if we spot people :)

  • Oh yeah, good idea!

  • Side skipping is very good exercise! Sounds lovely - why has it taken you so long to get down there if you only live a mile away? You could do a 5k circuit with the middle bit along the seafront - lucky girl!

  • I live right by a big park and just started C25K there and usually combined it with taking my son to school, but I'm definitely going to do the seafront route again, preferably when it's a bit quieter. I reckon it would be lovely in the morning before everyone descends on the beach :)

  • You'll find similar problems trying to run alongside the Thames in London usually! Once the sun starts coming out regularly, you have to run the embankment at 6am or you won't get past the hordes of tourists.

  • Oh yeah, I can imagine. That must be a great run though. Running by the Thames sounds pretty fab

  • There's a run down there is a couple of weeks, you should check it out. It goes over tower bridge and everything ;)

  • Seafront run sounds excellent. My towpath routes aren't quite the tourist attraction that Brighton is but they're narrow and do get pretty busy in summer. Hoping to turn into one of those 6.30am runners who gets out before its busy and before the day gets too hot. Hope you find a way to avoid the crowds/heat too.

  • I've always thought canal running sounds pretty great too! Being a 'canal runner' has a good ring to it.

  • MY piece of towpath at Foxton was heaving over the weekend. Go away tourists!!

    They had gone by pub o'clock though :)

  • Hello again folkieboater ๐Ÿ˜Š that's exactly it. No stretch of canal is without its pub, bit of green space, even in mucky east London. Saturday afternoons will be a no go come summer, but even commuter hour (7.30-8.30) is starting to get busy now with bicycles. I might have to shift towards evening running i think...

  • It is many years (21 to be exact) since we boated through London. Commuter hour is not usually any concern to me, I usually run mid morning or late afternoon. If I'm working I rarely have time, nor energy. Wouldn't trade my towpath for anything - just glad that by June it will be changing daily :)

  • When you say it will be a changing towpath I guess you mean you'll be travelling along it...? Us landlocked folk need to make efforts to get out, whereas you're very much amongst wildlife all the time. My boatie friend is always relocating approx 5 mile intervals ever 2 weeks, which is great when she's round my way, but she's up by Edmonton at the moment, meaning I can't even cycle up there let alone run...

  • Yep, we'll be travelling (hopefully) - can even get to Liverpool to have home there for a job rather than having to stay in a hotel. Edmonton is where I grew up - in one of the now long gone tower blocks - bit of a change of lifestyle!

  • Yay, I'm in Brighton too! I'm SO looking forward to a few weeks from now when I can run for long enough to go along the seafront. A running visor with "KISS ME C25K" sounds just right for the seaside!

  • That would be very Brighton, we should both get one! Seafront running definitely a must, but I went east along as far as the pier then north up the main road which was crazily busy today and I felt a tad conspicuous! Might try and avoid that bit next time.

  • This weather brings loads of folks out of hibernation so it's no surprise you faced so many people. I don't like running through crowds so I understand where you're coming from. Now that the weather is getting warmer and I'm running faster my face turns Crimson too but I don't give a toss. We had an engineer visit at home the other day and I was stretching just back from a run and he said "oh you've caught the sun". Er, no not exactly....

  • I thought I'd stopped going quite so red, but no, that's just the way it is! I get so hot in the head though, it's very annoying. I wonder if you can get visors with little fans attached to them to cool your face down.

  • That's a coincidence - I only just recommended a visor to another runner on here today! I have tried running in a hat in the cold weather but my head definitely gets very hot as a result. I think a visor will be just the job in the summer (but remember the sun cream if you have a bald patch ;-)

    And the 2nd coincidence is that I run by the sea, too - my skipping and ducking today was because it was quite windy today and the waved were coming up over the (low) sea wall. Invigorating and with that added element of risk!

  • Lol, bald patch, thankfully not, otherwise I'd most certainly give the visor a miss. Sounds like an invigorating seafront run, yours. Take it you're not on the south coast!

  • Sorry not to rely sooner - I have only just sen your comment.

    No, the east coast ... of an island in Greece.


  • Oh, wow, how wonderful!! I went to Greece last year and didn't want to come home. Paradise. I now have a visor, by the way. Just need a bit of sunshine and I'll give it a try!

  • You have to go really early, when there are only runners and dog walkers out!

  • I'll see if I can manage that one day - Parkrun feels quite early to me!

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