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W7r3 Tales from the Darkside


Done 4th 25 minute run in the bag....didn't feel like it at all this morning - headache and the prospect of running in the rain, plus running against myself - could I go as far as last run? meant I was not really in the mood - but as soon as my trainers hit the road I felt good, although as I was a bit slow getting out the door Laura was already into her 5 minute walking, so I was a little behind myself. Lots of traffic today as well so was glad of the Fluorescent shirt - no way they could miss me (I hoped).

Took a nice steady pass - short running steps - thinking about my breathing - and settled into it. Shirt scared the Geese this morning so they chased me along the fence for about 10yds - they need to work on their intervals as I soon left them behind - got to my turnaround point from Wednesday (Laura popped into my ears - "your halfway" excellent), but definitely feeling my legs today.

Was to be expected as I did the strength and flexibility podcast yesterday (note - I may be fitter - but I'm no more elastic than before - so will try and keep this going at the same time on rest days)

Anyway just wanted to write and say - still on it, Still going strong and roll on week 8 - only 6 more runs (hopefully) to graduation.........(Little whoop inside)

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Good on you. Some of best runs have come from days when I just haven't felt like it, but pushed myself out the door regardless. I loved week 8.

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

Looking forward to wk 8.....just a couple more minutes.


Once I got over week 7 I found that I just flew through the rest of the runs. I got it into my head that I can do 25 minutes so its not much more.

Enjoy your last 6 pre-grad runs.

RunForestRGraduate in reply to SC1472

Thanks I'm looking forward to it - just over the horizon


Well done... the longer runs, the happy pace.... Perfick!!

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for your encouragement OF


Go you!

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Maddee_6333

Thanks Maddee_6333.

Hello RunForestR (excellent name by the way!). I'm using a different Couch to 5K app - can you tell me what the strength and flexibility podcast is?

Thanks for sharing your progress - I'm new to HealthUnlocked but it's a revelation!

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Pilks47

If you check out the Strength and Flex community - you'll see that there's a similar 5 week programme (3 times a week) designed to increase your "strength and flexibility" you can download them as podcasts from iTunes. 1/2 an hour programmes - low impact can be done at home or (in your garden) no gym required and you can slot it in between your running as something to do. I've only just started doing this as I wanted to be well into the programme before I added any further activity. Did a session yesterday and it was straightforward - mainly stretches and standing push-ups/pull-ups. Nothing unachievable.

RunForestRGraduate in reply to Pilks47

Would have gone for the full RunForestRun but not enough characters! Ah well.

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