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🎶We’re Old and Grey🎶 (With apologies to Visage)

Over the Christmas period my running suffered from “too much to do, too little time to do it” syndrome, and then I had a shock when I stood on the scales on New Year’s Eve and they yelled at me to get off! Too much good food, chocolates and 🥂.

So I’ve decided I need to take myself in hand, get back into the routine of running three times a week, reacquaint myself with the gym, and maybe even cut down on the excess calorie intake (although we still have a lot of goodies hanging around waiting to be scoffed).

Today was my second run of the week. A sluggish run on Tuesday left me feeling old and decrepit, so after a good workout in the gym I’d been determined last night that I would run early. But when my alarm went off I was so tempted to turn over and go back to sleep. Mr R was working away, so there was no one to cajole me out of bed with a much needed cuppa. Fortunately I think my gremlins were silent, presumably still sleeping, so I persuaded myself to get going before they awoke and tried to put me off.

Getting ready was relatively Faff free, apart from a quick turn around when I got outside and discovered it was raining. And at last I was on my way, with 🧢 to stop my glasses getting wet (which worked for all of 5 minutes 😂) and showerproof jacket.

However it wasn’t long before those fiendish gremlins had woken and caught up with me, “There are too many puddles... your glasses are covered in rain drops... why not go home and run tomorrow when it’s dry?” I did my best to ignore them, and focussed on my relatively new playlist. They weren’t going to get the better of me despite the pain gradually awakening in my right hip and the threat of cars spraying me with the puddles.

It was a hard slog though but a surprise track by Visage (good old 1980s... ) kept me going. Retro Runners May remember the original - Fade to Grey).


Woke up in a lonely bedroom

Alarm ringing by my side

Shall I get my running clothes on.

Sky looks clear

White clouds scudding by.


Aaah aah, they fade to grey.


One girl on a lonely pavement

One pain growing in my side.

Puddles looking cold and stagnant,

I show fear as the cars go by.


Aaah aah, we’re old and grey


Feel the rain but it’s getting lighter,

I run on and I’m feeling hench.

There’s a puddle looking like a river

Car speeds through it, I’m completely drenched!


Aaah aah, we’re wet and grey.


Specs are wet, wish I could see better

But I’m going to run up this hill.

I don’t think I can get much wetter

So I’ll jump into the mud, it’s brill!


Aaah aah, my socks are grey (I want to play)


I managed to keep going, undeterred by the continuing rain, and no longer bothered by the spray from cars as I couldn’t get any wetter. I actually exceeded my target, although the old war wound on my hip has been playing up ever since (actually it’s arthritis) but I’m so pleased I stayed out there and ran.

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Well done. You are back. Christmas is such a massive pile of extra work (and great fun of course) and the we are back at it, as if we never went away...My jeans are tight :( but there are loads of runs out there to be done:)

Loving the Fade to Grey (although I will NOT be doing that)

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My hairdresser is actually ensuring that I don’t visibly fade to grey 😂😂




Great post!!! Well done you... :)

This is one of the times when I am glad I do not like chocolate or sweet treats :) Bubbly, however is another story :)

back on track and looking good... ! :)


Thanks Oldfloss . Having an extra rest day today as my hip is still playing up.

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Fabulous Razouski ...determination is the key...don’t overthink it, just get them trainers fastened up & get out there..just like you what if there’s puddles? So what if it’s raining?? It’s running time no matter what!!! Woo hoo!!! X

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I hate the rain as I'm a specs wearer, and the lack of vision interferes with my vertigo/balance difficulties so I really prefer to run without that added challenge. So I was doubly pleased I not only ran 11km but also managed to do it without falling over. :-)

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Love it! Another one added to the C25K special music tracks. I'm keeping a record and when I get 10 or 15 tracks, I'll post the list. It's going to be very eclectic! Very well done for finding the strength against the gremlins :-)


I'll look forward to seeing your list as I need to put together yet another running playlist as I have a very low boredom threshold. :-)

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