Completed Wk9R3 this morning and I'm now a graduate! 1st time I've EVER run anything even close to a 5k. I know it's a slow time, 39 mins 23 secs for 5.03 k, but all concentration was on doing the time and getting a starting point.

I'm so buzzed and will decide on my next target after a couple of days thought.

I can now wear that nice graduate shirt I picked up from

Keep it up, peeps. If this programme can change me over 9 weeks it can certainly do you too.

You are all excused now. :-)


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  • Wonderful news Lordoberon!!! Sooo thrilled for you, and that time is not too shabby either!

  • Shucks, TeaBreak. It's ok for my age, huh? The young whippersnappers kick out some excellent times.

  • It's more than ok Sir!! At the moment I'm working on a sub 55 minute 5k ;)

  • You've given me hope, TeaBreaks. The way some of these runners pass me, I know I'm slow! But, as we practise, our times will improve.

  • For sure! I'm having a ball and not worried about times etc yet. I know it will all come together. 9 weeks ago I couldn't run for 30 seconds and now I can run for 30 minutes and am working on my speed and distance :D

  • Actually you have cheered me up a bit as well, that I am not the only 'over 40 minutes for 5K' runner out there. I take 58mins to run 5K which is SO slow but I don't seem to be able to go quicker, only further since graduating.

  • The way I see it, we are out there giving it our all, and that has to be good enough!

  • Great stuff, well done!

  • Thanks, Rob!

  • We'll done on your graduation, only one run off myself.

  • Come and join. Enjoy it!

  • Cheers, DrakeyBar

  • Wahey , Have it Obes !!! :-) Congratulations , wear your T shirt with pride and don't forget to request your shiny badge, Admin are just giving it a final polish for you :-)

    Onwards my Liege, always ........ :-) xxx

  • Cheers, PoppyPug! Yes, I need to find the request process. What a lovely bunch of people here! Sun was shining, weather was sweet!

  • Ah, sweet as a nut, treacle :-)

    Graduate badge ? Follow me my Lord to the blue pinned post, this way Sir >>>>>> :-) xxx

  • Well done! I think your tine is great. I will be running no where near that when I graduate and your time is certainly faster than a good few in the parkrun here too.

    Only 2 more weeks to go for me.

  • Fantastic news and a massive well done :) That's a great distance, and time, at the end of a 9 week programe.

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel amazing. Now for the real running adventures!

  • Congrats! That's a great time!

  • Congratulations! Hey - not slow at all - I did my first 5K yesterday - came in at 41mins 35 seconds, and it wasn't even quite the full 5k!!

  • Oh yes, very well done. Now you've got to keep it up !! That time is FINE !

  • Whoop whoop - yeah , fab , brill , awesome ! :)

  • Great news, well done. As everyone else has said, that time isn't shabby at all. I graduated on Thursday, so first post grad run today, but I think I'm about the same time for 5k, will know for sure today as I try out my new Garmin.

  • Congratulations. Great time too.

  • That's brilliant MiLord! You time was good too and don't let yourself think otherwise! Think how far you've come since week 1!

  • Welcome to the Graduate Club!

    Brilliant feeling, isn't it.......

  • Thank you ALL for the uplifting comments. It's a great feeling, indeed.

    Now thinking of what the next step will be. 10k?

    I was using the Splendid Things android app GetRunning. I now need something that takes me straight onto that progression from 5k to 10k. Not a couch to 10k, if you know what I mean.

    I recently switched from a Polar FT7 to a reconditioned Garmin ForeRunner 420. Oh what fun! GPS data and run analysis. (Polar support/help were shocking BTW - 10 days to sort out a website login issue hence my departure from Polar!).

  • Morning :-)

    Have you tried the Bupa Running Plans or My Asics ? They both have running/training plans on their websites .

    I am doing a test 10k training plan, well I was before I went down with the lurgy. It is just a test before I start my proper 10k plan in December. Does that make sense ? Sorry, I know what I mean even if no one else does :-)

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • My Liege, don't forget to request your badge :-) xxx

  • That's great, I have my last run to do in week 9 in a couple of days, never thought I'd get there either , this pod cast is brilliant!

  • Good luck, VickiWeigh ... And a pre-empted "Welcome to da club!"

  • Thank you!! X

  • Great stuff Lordoberon - sounds like a pretty great time to me.

  • Fabulous! Well done you,many congratulations :)

  • Great stuff, Congratulations :)

  • Massive congratulations! Happy running x

  • wow fabulous...well done you, and the journey has just begun...enjoy it and have fun :)

  • Well done !!

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