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snakes and ladders

I woke up with a twinkle in my eye knowing I was going to be running today, an early brekky and the usual dashing round the house locating my various bits of running requirements ( there is actually alot...I need to laminate a list!!)...anyway...my husband dropped me off at the edge of the Downs and off I went...

I decided to have the first 5 mins of speed to set my pace which was really helpful, then over to my usual ministry of sound stuff that I like!!...here are the more significant markers of my run as a Juicyju list ( of course!!)

* first 2k felt hard and all I could think about was how much further I had to go...

* 5k I went over the suspension bridge which I love and had my first two randoms...31 minutes in, average pace 6.20 secs.

* 8k I felt quite tired, ran out of water and my groin was a bit niggly. However I knew at around 12k my lad was being delivered to me to run the last 10k home so that kept me going..

* At 13k there was leon, my best boy running towards me with a giant bottle of Evian....bliss. Getting quite tired now

* Rest walk at 15k and drank the rest of my energy drink and more randoms. It felt like my body had run out of energy, but after that it didn't feel enough....

* At 18k I had a semi meltdown...I just felt soooooo tired and my legs didn't want to go, then Leon said, 'come on mummy, you can do it' and I thought,'I'm a panther...panthers don't give up' then,'Push that body, punish that body' over and over and out loud too....come on Ju come on...few tears too...

* finally got to HM length and I could do no more....and I was home...phewwww

* cold bath aka Davina, which really helped, although my screams must have gone right up the road etc!!!

Then we've just been to the school fair, and Leon won a man sized snake as he guessed his name.....'Alfonso'!!!!

I really need to get my fuel right, and the walk breaks do really help, but considering I want to be an Ultrarunner I have such a long way to go, but I am going to enjoy the journey, particularly with all of you wonderful people behind me...

I wanted you to all see my lad, and he won't allow me to take pics of him running...this is us a few weeks back up north at my dads after a Turkish meal....

21.08k in 2 hours 15 minutes

1.5 litres of water

1 energy drink

1 bag of randoms

1 gorgeous son to keep me going

Happy panthering to you all



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Wow, really well done and it sounds you came through it fairly unscathed :)


Thank you... Just about!!!!


JuJu, I very much enjoyed reading that! :-) sounds like one hell of a run, but enjoyable, and a brilliant distance in a brilliant time! :-) HM distance is very impressive!

Just the thought of a giant bottle of Evian has me feeling refreshed; must be sooooo much more refreshing during a run like that!

Alfonzo! What a wonderful name for a snake, and a rather remarkable guess! HM, snakes: what a day you've had!

The ultra is a wonderful goal, though don't worry about how long it takes, as you say, enjoy the journey! I was just this second in Men's Running magazine about the top ten Ultras, in their opinion. I like the look of the Causeway Coast Marathon. :-)

Well done for today's splendid display of panthering; it is hugely impressive and very inspiring to us all! :-)

Love the photo! :-)


Thank you so much.. My aim is to do the Eden Marathon this October, then Paris next year, then a European city every year.. My first ultra will be in the Swiss Alps... I tend to throw alot of water over myself too... It was soooo hot!!! And thank you kind sir!


Your running goals are brilliant! Paris does look good, but it's the French Riviera Marathon for me! The Swiss ultra sounds incredible; the scenery will be majestic!

Yes, I do that occasionally too when I get too warm: it is nice and cooling and so refreshing!


Wow JJ! Fantastic run. I can't imagine doing that sort of distance. Great that you have your personal cheerleader by your side!


Thank you... He is the best!!!


Firstly, congratulations for getting out there. You are an inspiration for me and I hope that in a couple of years, when my daughter is old enough, I can enjoy runs like you do with your son. It sounds a wonderful partnership.

I too was thinking today about ultra distances, and I'm much further back then you are. Keep on with training. It will take time but you will get there.


We are all in a journey and frankly I can't see myself ever going those distances but then I didn't believe Laura when she said after 9 weeks I'd be running non stop for 30 minutes....


way to go Panther - sounds like a perfectly balanced run to me. Highs and lows which you overcame and you did it - again - you keep on doing it so well done. So proud of you that you kept going. It would have been easy to quit, but panthers don't quit.

I love it that Leon comes to your rescue when we can't - It really is brilliant that you have got him so well trained!!...

... oh and I expect to see Alfonso in the next medal photo.

hope you're reading up about fuel - I've just googled and if you have 7 randoms thats only 96calories - just remember fuel darling - you need fuel to run

Happy Panthering.

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I know and you have given me so much advice on that... I'm crap!!! Thank you for helping me get there... There won't be room for Alfonso in the next medals pic... Only room for one Snake!!


Congratulations sounds a lovely run , well done & what a lovely lad you have


You are so right... I need to get a grip on my fuel!! Oh to be a car... So easy!!!!... And thank you....


I'm exhausted just reading that ! It sounds like a great run though. Well done !


Ha ha thank you!!!!


Heavens, what an amazing run. Well done. Great photograph too.


Thank you...


What a handsome little hero! Leon is gonna break a lot of hearts before long.

Seriously though jooj, you are amazing. A goddess of running. A tower of running strength. I am in awe of your achievements. This running lark appears to be the making of you and may I say ALLELULIA!!

Keep blogging and keep running. You are the benchmark at which we set ourselves. X


Lovely words Dan... Thank you so so much.. Goddess of running eh? I rather like that!!!


Great support from your Leon, well done both of you. I just love that picture too! Thanks for sharing it x


Thank you... He's a great lad!!!


Well done on getting through that run - it makes me tired just reading about it. You're certainly on your way to bigger things though. Good luck on your next run and best wishes.


Thank you!!!


Your lad looks awesome juicyju! Your run sounds brilliant....well done!


Thank you for sharing this with us and we are all behind you and my word you are doing wonderfully well! You really pushed yourself.

What a lovely photo of you and your panther cub xxx


well done done on your run keep up the good work love these post when i read them keep moving them legs j and try some gels laters


Great stuff matey, well done. And Leon does you (and himself) proud.


Well done Juju - you are indeed inspiring. A lovely photo too x


A great run with the tough bits too! Your son is handsome- I sense he has good genes!! Not sure what ultra running is but I know you will accomplish whatever you set out to achieve. Go for it! :)


Wow! Amazing! Your posts keep me inspired to get out there and push myself that bit more! Ultra.... Now that's what I call a goal!


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