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Pain, Embarrassment, Tears, Quit?

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As some of you know I've been struggling to actually run for a whole 5K, Map My Run has been telling me I've been achieving 4.7K, so after careful pre-planning of my route, I set off this morning. Most of my route was along the park and cycle track by the river bank with a small section by the road at around 3K. I got to this part of the run, rounded the corner and the path is cordoned off due to yet more roadworks for the building of yet another bloody supermarket! No problem it's Sunday morning, the traffic is light, so I sped up and crossed the road only to trip and stub my toe on the curb, I stumbled and then in slow motion sprawled on the floor my full length, completely winding myself. The workman operating the temporary traffic lights picked me up (thank you), but I've never been so embarrassed in all my life. I began to run again, but the tears just kept coming. I finished the 5K, (43 minutes) does it count as I spent some time lying down? but I now have major pain in my stubbed big toe, (the one that was operated on for arthritis) and it hurts if I breathe too deeply as my left (size G) lady lump took most of the impact. My son laughed when I arrived home crying, which hurt even more and I couldn't even have a bath as the builders haven't quite finished. After a hot shower and some paracetamol, I'm sat writing this, still crying and contemplating the wine and the fags. Who knew I was such a girl.

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Oh you poor thing. You need a hug! BUT in spite of everything YOU DID 5K!!! Whey hey! Well done you. Forget about everything else. Your toe will get better, as will your feeling of embarrassment. Forget about the workmen. It's not every day they have a fit girl falling at their feet! Well done.

Sue the council! Get the workman knighted! Oh, and sue your son too!

Then cheer and whoop. You did 5k against adversity and roadworks. Well done. If it makes you feel better I promise to go and lie down for a couple of minutes on one of my runs this coming week (but only if you insist (I have my fingers crossed)). I stopped running this morning because of a very large bull in the field that I was crossing. He was a little way down the muddy hill so I thought he would take time to get up to speed, hopefully giving me time to scramble over the barbed wire fence. I was glad my valuables were encased in compression shorts, reducing the chances of leaving any bits dangling on the barbed wire. Bulls don't normally worry me, but it was the way his breath was coming out of his nostrils like smoke, in the cool morning air and he kept his beady gaze on me all the way. I was also wearing red! We didn't take our eyes off each other.

We runners can cope with anything that comes our way. Keep running, keep smiling.

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runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Given the choice between ending up sprawled across the floor and being helped back to my feet by a knight in shining armour (???) OR getting chased by a bull with no heroes around to rescue me, I know which I'd choose.

Big hugs !!!! I understand the embarrassment , anyone would feel the same , but you got up & carried on that must have took some doing ! I take my hat off to you I'd have gone home crying . & to do 5k ! Congratulations & hope your feeling brighter soon & the toes alright.

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Big hugs to you. That took a lot of determination and will power to dust yourself off and carry on, and achieve 5k! Whoop, whoop! You should be very proud of yourself. Hoping the paracetamol kicks in and does the trick for you soon.

Hope the pain subsides and the builders finish your bath soon!

Very well done for (a) completing your first 5k and (b) doing so under rather less than ideal circumstances. It's not a run you are likely to forget, but when you encounter (hopefully much less painful and embarrassing) problems during a run in the future, you'll be able to look back at today and think "if I could keep running after that, I can keep running after ANYTHING!" And your next 5k can only be better :)

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Step away from the wine! (Unless its to toast your victory) Wow, you carried on and did 2k after that fall, hats off to you. I hope your toe, lady lump and pride haven't taken too much of a beating and that you get right back out there soon. I think you should also tell your son to get lost in the nicest possible way x

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What an absolute star you are!! You've taken quite a tumble which must have been a huge shock to the system and would have anyone in tears... BUT you got up and you carried on! AND ran 5k, rather than just giving up and walking home. Your son probably didn't know what to say which is why he laughed - try not to take it to heart.

You are amazing - just take some time to think about what you achieved. Give the bits time to heal and you'll soon be back, knocking out the 5ks like nobody's business! :-)

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I totally understand the embarressment! I literally flew several feet into a flower bed in a busy park in November - tripped over a protruding tree root that was certainly big enough to see! I hurt my arm and knees and had the embarressment of assorted dog walkers helping me out of the shrubbery.

Like you I made a hasty exit and started running again as soon as I could get away from them, ran all the way home and hoped to sneak in and shower unnoticed. Both son and daughter took one look and burst out laughing! I was wearing a lot of the park on my leggings, hoody and face it appears!

No sympathy in my house...

I'd say have a blinking glass of wine - it's Sunday after all - but stay away from the fags - they're bad for you :-P

Congrats on the 5K too!

I'm sorry to read this (big hugs). When you fall it does knock your confidence big time. Give it time and you will get over this hurdle. If you have gone for the fags and the wine it's a one off and it's ok. If you haven't well done you.

Do rest for a few days and think about what are you are doing in the long term for you and your health. Remember this when you fall off your horse you just have to get back on it again and again.

Oh big (((hugs))). What a star for keeping going and doing 5K! not surprised you had a cry - shock can do that. Your body is now bruised - give yourself a chance to heal. It's always anxious making if you knock a sensitive joint.

Well done for finishing your run - I think once I got out of site of the workman I would have stopped and gone home. Hope you are not too sore later. Linda

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TinyrunGraduate in reply to ancientrunner

I'd have cried and then whimpered home like a kitten. Good on you for finishing your run. You're a real runner now that you've got wounds to prove it! ;-)

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Your son laughed?! Oooooooooh lemme at him! Seriously, I think you should make him cook you dinner and do all the chores whilst you're injured. But you did 5km, so be happy :)

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Oh no! *reaching through the screen for a hug* who knew what big girls we are until all this running malarky eh? It's ok to feel upset, who doesn't get embarrassed when we have a trip? Sounds like you need to pop your feet up for a little while and relax. Make sure your toes (and lady lump) is ok and then get back out there, head high knowing nothing can stop you because you are amazing. And hey, I have only just got past 43 mins and I didn't lie down ;) Keep your head up high, you are fantastic and this will not stop you, one day you may even read this post back and have a cheeky giggle!

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I hope your bruises and your pride are healing today. I also hope you can see how incredibly strong you are to complete the 5k after the fall - one very strong lady. Take it easy on yourself on your next run as your confidence has taken a knock. Wishing you a fast recovery and lots of luck.

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I seem to recall that when Lasse Viren fell over on the Olympic track but got up again and finished they gave him a medal..

That's a nasty shake up, so you'll have to see how you go in terms of getting back out there. However I had a nasty bit of bike acrobatics 5 months ago (bad enough that I still have a dent across my thigh) and I found it helpful to get out again gently a few days later.

Quit, no way!! Every runner takes a tumble at least once and you broke the barrier of the 5k, be proud of that and yes it counts, it a counts. It's mainly pride that's hut when we fall in public but it's all part of it. At least you completed your run, relatively unhurt. WELL DONE YOU!! Watch the toe though but get out there at back at it. You're a runner now and no mistake :-)

And my spelling is atrocious :-(

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Gosh - well done for the 5k. You're probably over it by now, but I suggest chucking the fags in the bin, sending your son to his room and then opening the wine.

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Oh you poor thing! So easily done. You will feel all shaken up for a day or two so be kind to yourself. Better luck next time!

Big hugs being sent your way. I hope you managed to congratulate yourself in the end. Well done you, for your 5km. Your son needs a stern talking too. You should never laugh at your mum. My mum taught me that. I am sure he didn't really mean it though. I really hope you managed to put it behind you and are feeling a bit better now.

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You picked yourself up ( with help granted) and you carried on despite all the problems that would have sent many ( maybe me ) back home. Well done you! Maybe one wine wouldn’t hurt - but pour a celebratory glass because 5k is a bloody long way!

Wow you carried on! Many would have given up at that point and no one would’ve blamed them. Kudos for literally picking yourself up and carrying on x ps a glass of wine is well deserved but the fags are a bad idea

Bless you, you have had a shock and no wonder the tears have come! You have battled pain and adversity and then didn’t get the hugs, sympathy and warm bath you needed! Your son perhaps doesn’t understand what you have just been through. Give him gruel for dinner. I don’t think the fags and wine will make you feel better in this instance.

I think you have done brilliantly, by the way 🙂

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