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New injury - Bruised knuckles !

So far I have done all my runs in the evening but I have been finding it hard to get to sleep afterwards. I looked up on the web and found someone suggesting that you shouldn't run 6 hours before going to bed. Now I suspect that this advice is aimed at proper runners doing halfs, marathons or ultras or something and not at middle-aged men on week 3 of C25K but I got the drift. Running wakes you up and it lasts for a while after you finish. So I thought I would try running first thing in the morning and have some of that wide-awake feeling during the day.

This morning I set off around my usual route and it was all going swimmingly until some bozo decided it was acceptable to reverse his gas van out of his drive without looking out for people on the pavement. Instinctively I fended him off by whacking the back door of his van with my fist (the one holding my iPhone) and thankfully he stopped before making contact with any other bits of me. I didn't stop but ran on and finished my route. However it is now mid morning and the knuckles on my right hand are swelling up nicely...

I am not sure now which is best traffic-wise; an evening run when people are rushing to get home from work or a morning run when many drivers are not properly awake...?

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ive been running for months and i still have trouble sleeping always after long runs watch the traffic good luck with it


Regarding running in the evenings-i went out late-ish on Sunday eve, and when i went to bed a few hrs later my legs were still buzzing a bit! strange! It definately makes me worn out though, but my head is tired but legs awake! I've done the last run of the week in the mornings and do find that i don't feel that tired through the day, legs are a bit stiff for sure but its almost like doing a long warm down, as my job on thursday involves being on my feet for 95% of shift.

Sorry to hear about your injury, hope it is a little better now. Cars and drivers are very unpredictable, but i find the morning ones a bit better in general!!


Ouch! Just as well you had your wits about you as it could easily have been a lot worse. I hope you have a more chilled evening.


Could have been so much worse than just bruised knuckles, thanks for the reminder to keep our wits about us - drivers can be distracted particularly at commute times.


A timely reminder to be alert when running across drive ways and roads! Did W4R2 tonight, despite the driver of an oncoming car deciding to park on the pavement as I was running towards them. Nearly ended up in a bush!


Jeez. That sounds a bit too close for comfort. Besides running gear I believe Aldi occasionally offer a range of light weight American football crash helmets and kevlar body armour...


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