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Yikes! Two challenges met in one run!

Well, after Monday's vastly improved run, I set off this morning with a new challenge in mind - to run back up the incline I run down at about 1.5k in. I always think of it as my reward for the effort I've put in at the start of the run. It's not exactly a steep hill but it is a long stretch roughly 0.75k with about an 11m elevation gain/loss. The sort of thing you notice when you walk up it!

By the time I normally get back to it, I'm almost at the end of the run and feeling tired and the last two times I've tried I haven't managed to run all the way up. So, that was the challenge, and I decided that I'd change my route so that I run down, around the curve in the road and then straight back up... and I did it!

Mind you, by the time I got to the top I had to slow down to a Wk1 juffle to get my breath back but then amazed myself even further by pushing on and completing 7K in 42:46! And that was with NO STOPPING at all!!

On Monday, I finished at 6.49K which narked me a bit, so I was determined to make at least 6.5 but when I'd done that I knew I still had more in me so aimed for 7 and I'm ecstatic that I did it.

Definitely getting the enthusiasm back!

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That its fantastic well done, you should be really proud of yourself :-)


Wow! Well done - a hill and 7k all in one run. Fantastic! v xx


Awesome, Dottie!!! Now that is what I call a GREAT run!!!! Those hills can be something else! Well done for conquering it and then throwing in 7K just for good measure!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



That sounds amazing. Isn't it great when you do better than expected?


Thanks everyone. After a couple of very shaky runs, it feels great to have done two good ones. Just to prove that I can, if nothing else! And 7k seemed impossible even a few weeks ago, when my only goal was to consistently run 5ks.


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