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Close to packing thus running lark in

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Ok, history. Did the C25k last summer but for various work related reasons stopped until Boxing Day when I restarted and yesterday did 30 mins, not very elegantly mind. I bought new trainers but they have been giving me shin splints and lacking my knee joints hurt: I have very flat feet.

When to a running shop today to buy a new top (have Raynaulds so struggle with controlling my body temperature), and get my new trainers looked at. Anyway, got my new top but have been told I am not a natural runner and my legs aren't strong enough, and that really I should stick to walking.

I'm hoping to go out tomorrow in my old trainers which seem to support my feet better (the new ones haven't been helping as they haven't yet softened enough to support me adequately), but frankly wonder whether I should bother.

I have no support and only 1 person knows I have been jogging, and they laughed because they run for 2 hours and wear only shorts and a T shirt whatever the weather. So much for other runners being supportive! I also got nipped by a dog last week and yesterday when I was out, another dog went for me.

Part of me really wants to jog and I enjoy it, even in the rain, but I clearly am a crap runner and probably not cut out for this physically. So disheartened.

39 Replies
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Right, so you want to run and you enjoy it...even in the rain! That makes you a runner in my book.

The other runner who laughed at you is just an a*se so put them on ignore.

I have no idea what being told 'you're not a natural runner' by a running shop actually means. But again, if your old trainers meant you had no injuries and YOU ENJOY JOGGING please don't stop. Just join us all here.

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TinyrunGraduate in reply to lemondoodle

You're support is here. Who told you that you are not a runner? Was it a physiotherapist? I don't know about your leg strength, but could you also do some of The Strength and Flex podcasts & speed walking whilst doing your running to help with overall fitness? If you're concerned about the comments and it wasn't from a professional, you could see a physio to determine your strengths and weaknesses? You've done very well so far and should be proud of yourself.

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Don't you dare quit! I'm the king of the non-runners around here. No, seriously, I loathe running. There, you're up on me already, so keep going and put the naysayers and negative thoughts to the back of your mind. Think perhaps of how to build some motivation, for example, setting some goals and rewards. Come on, chin up.

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I don't know which running shop you went to, but I've never heard such a load of old tosh in my life - they should be ashamed of themselves dishing out advice like that. Sorry for being blunt, but it's made me really angry - if you enjoy running and are getting nothing worse than the odd ache or pain then why on earth should anyone discourage you from doing it.

You could also try doing some cross training to strengthen your legs in between your runs - there's many options to pursue rather than having to pack in xxx

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Don't give up!

If you had a long gap with no running, why not do some of the intervals again (start at say week 4 and move on if it's comfortable or back if it's not) - not because you're unfit but because it'll get your body used to using those muscles again and might ease your joints back into running (and maybe help break your new trainers in).

Unless you're aiming to compete for a club or your country (which, let's face it, I think I can safely say is NOT the aim of anyone who does the programme), you're not running to compete against anybody except yourself. So what if someone can run for 2 hours? You ran for half an hour yesterday and last winter you couldn't. Setting yourself personal targets of getting out there a certain number of times a week or aiming to run a certain distance will help you see how much progress you are making, but don't compare yourself to anyone else.

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Hey EustacuaVye.

Sorry to read your post especially as you are thinking about giving up.

I'm not an expert on feet but you said you enjoy running so it would be a shame to give up something you like.

Running has so many benefits in terms of physical and mental well being.

If you are worried about what other people think then please don't as they are probably just envious.

If you can run for 30 minutes then you have a skill that many people, including those starting out here, would love to have and I would say you are a runner and a good one.

If you love running in the rain then you sound similar to me and you obviously love being outside.

Forget about any doubts you have, especially if they are from what others have said.

Just laugh it off, remember that there are many people on this site that support you and go out and have fun.

We'll be here and looking forward to hearing how it went :)

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What the hell !!!! What is a natural runner for gods sake !! We where born to run , we did it as children without even having to think about it . Granted as we age it doesn't come as natural to us & we all get stiff & have aches & pains because we haven't carried on running , or in some cases hardly any excercise at all . Like all the others have said you will have all the support you need on here , ignore the other idiots who say other wise . You are a natural runner !!!!

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Amen to all the above advice, EV. I'd be inclined to contact management in the shop you went to - I'm sure they wouldn't endorse this kind of advice being given?! As long as you feel comfortable and are enjoying it, then that's what's important. Please don't give up! I only started running in the summer of last year, and I'd never thought of myself as a runner - you'd struggle to find anyone less sporty/athletic, or who loves cosying up on the couch eating chocolate more than me!! I really think ANYBODY can run, given the right circumstances, support and motivation. Stick in there, and you show 'em in that running shop!!

PS I'd find somewhere else to buy my gear in future - why give them any more of your hard-earned cash?!

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Who on earth told you to stick to walking? If you can manage to run for 30 mins and you enjoy it you are definitely a runner and part of our gang. Most of us haven't found it easy and probably don't look very elegant either, so you are in the very best company!

It would be such a shame to be put off by idiots. You've only yourself to please and we will be cheering you on. Be happy and amazed at what you can already do and enjoy!

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Thank you so much lovely people for the support. Today is my rest day so fingers crossed for tomorrow. Bring do close to graduating I think I will try to do 2 more 30 min jogs. I even ordered a Garmin thing so I could start seeing how far I can jog. I know I am very slow as I reckon I could probably walk faster than I jog but I need something to keep motivated...too easy to stop otherwise.

I will go out tomorrow and see how I go. You are wonderful, thanks

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Rockette in reply to EustacuaVye

Too right ! Stick at it girl your doing brill , enjoy the garmin ..

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Hey there EustacuaVye. I concur with all the other people who have posted on here supporting you.

This is what you do, Put any thought of "I'm not a runner" out of your mind. Then it sounds like you need some proper trainers. I am flat footed and recently, had a gait analysis at a shop called "Up and Running" (shops all over the country - google them). I was recommended a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes which support flat footed folks like you and me and keep your legs straight as you run. No nasty twisted ankle action with these babies. My legs have been transformed! They are pricey, but they will last you a good while and anything that looks after your body and prevents injury, in my book, is a good investment.

Get out and start again - only maybe try starting at Week 4 or 5? Work yourself up to Week 9 gradually. Take it easy. Slow and steady and you will be a new person!

Good luck! - Dan

Totally agree with the previous posts.It really doesn't matter what you wear, how you run or what anyone else thinks of you. Do it for yourself and enjoy :-)

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Seriously, this was a running shop?!! What a load of twaddle. If you can run for 30mins, you are clearly able to run and you have some strength and stamina in your muscles. I am concerned, given their advice that the new shoes are not right for you and as someone else said, I think you need to go somewhere else where they will measure your gait and your arches to see what is best for you. If you have shin splints, you need to rest and do some strengthening exercises for a week but there is no reason for you to stop forever!!

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to P1glet1

I think most peeps on here will identify with running slow. I run slow and it's fine, it really is! I like running slow, weary trudge even, but I get round and finish and feel good at the end. I aint gonna win no marathons but I'm out getting fitter and fitter, whatever the weather. Lots of folks are lone runners too but can come on here and share the highs and lows. Great news about the Garmin.

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You can't say you are a crap runner if you can do 30 mins - and you enjoy it!!! I second everything everyone else has said PLEASE keep going. Linda

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Don't give up! You have come this far and have put a great deal into it. Not a natural runner? I run as if I have 2 legs down the same knicker hole, so I don't suppose I am a natural runner, but I love it, and don't give a toss about the opinions of others. Chin up chick.

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Poppy2010Graduate in reply to Eebahgum

Your post made me laugh! I nearly choked on my low fat plain yoghurt and grapes! How this fitness thing gets us!

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fitnfiftyishGraduate in reply to Eebahgum


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Managed 30 mins this morning, but am going to try to get to the gym this week and see if I can get rid of these shin splints before running again. I used my old trainers which are so much better and will use my new ones in the gym,

Used my Garmin and jogged only 2.06 miles so 3.3km...totally pathetic I know but I have decided to just ignore the whole 5k thing and focus on just seeing if I can regularly manage 30 mins. Maybe in a few years I might make 5k and then could join now I am focusing on turning my flabby arse (spend most of my day sat down at a PC) into something that more resembles Kylie's pert buttocks. No one will see them but that's not the point :0)

So I am on the C23k and working to the C2KB

in reply to EustacuaVye

I smashed my shins on a massive metal bar as a kid and always struggled with shin splints and aches. But as I have kept running I have found that plus leg curls seems to have sorted it. Try running on the treadmill for a bit as causes less impact on the legs. Ignore snobby runners, they are silly! ^_^

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Haha love the C2KB! Well done on getting out there today after being so put off. Very few of us do the 5K in 30mins and I still haven't but I love running and that's what matters. I am furious that you could be treated like that by a running shop - as if it isn't intimidating enough for us newbie runners to go in there anyway. But that was one shop assistant and there's plenty more of us on here saying they were wrong - so believe us! And don't let them dent your confidence.

If you can keep running for 30mins - doesn't matter how far or fast - you will feel good, be healthier, and on your way to a full 'KB'. So get your shin splints sorted, get running, and let us know how it goes.

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Glad to see you were out again today. I am with everyone else if the person was In a the running shop then they should be reported. They are not fit to deal with the delicate frame of mind of new runners. I am slow and a plodder but I am a runner. There are some of us here with hiccups but we have perseverance and so do you. So we will support each other here. As time goes by and you get more confident I am sure you will put unsupportive people right. I remember being in the pub and a group of lads laughed at me and said running? Your not sporty. Months on they genuinely ask how my running is going now. No laughs. Happy running and we are all here for you.

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First up, I'm not a natural runner either. Since I graduated back in August, I've been running a 5k about 3 times a week and I still find it a challenge. In fact sometimes it's a downright struggle. I do it because so many people said I never would. I beat them all and you can to.

So much of this is mental. I get what I call "mind squirrels" about 2/3 of the way through just about every run I've ever done. They nip at my mind, desperate to make me stop. No. I will not stop. Avoid the dogs and do a different route. Avoid the T-Shirted 2hour person and record your triumphs (and your occasional failures - I still get them) here. We all want you to succeed, we all want you to be the best you can be.

Come on. You started something great. Make it happen.

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OK. Just tell us which shop and we'll send the boys round. They can't dis one of our gang and get away wiv it, innit!

Keep running, keep smiling.

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womblejoggerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

i might be small fat and hairy but i'll sort them out for yah, best i do it on a run day give them an image of what normal looks like

IannodaTruffe profile image
IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to womblejogger

I don't know if you realise that you have just responded to a four year old post.

womblejogger profile image
womblejoggerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

ha ha serves me right .... still tell me where they are and i'll go get them they might still be there who knows ;)

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Don't be disheartened - you sound like a runner to me.

Your post reminded me of when I had my gait measured at a local sports shop. I'd got to week 4 on C25K and was suffering with painful ankles after a run. Advice on this wonderful site suggested it was my training shoes and that I should get my gait analysed. I'd never been on a treadmill before, so felt a bit worried in case I made a fool of myself (and landed flat on my face). The shop assistant was very understanding and set the pace on the treadmill quite slow, but I still found it awkward and asked if he could make it go a bit slower. A young girl on the tills shouted across the shop that it was already set at a walking pace ..... did I want new trainers for walking??? No, I said, I'm running, but I did feel embarrassed.

However, it was all worth it when the new trainers did the trick. I haven't looked back. I graduated in December and have been taking part in the Love to Run Valentines Quest. This morning was glorious sunshine and I ran for 44.35 minutes and covered 7 km!!! My runs are getting longer and involve more hills and I'm slowly losing weight.

I think you're doing really well - I still can't bring myself to go out if it's raining and if a dog bit me I don't know what I'd do (I don't think I'm fast enough to out run a dog). What do you do??

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to hjs007

That is a brilliant motivational reply. Who are these people, to make such derogatory comments.

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Ignore the shop idiots, keep going, you are doing brilliantly well. See if there are any parkruns near to where you live. Join them on a Saturday and you will realise just what a runner you are (sure, there will be some that fly around, but there will also be many more that are out there running at the same pace as you). Best of all, everyone - the speedsters and the volunteers will all be cheering you on as the celebration is not about who comes first, it's about who takes part.

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to agedsnailspace

I run where there are loads of dogs and they usually want to come with me. Not had any problems with any of them yet. Famous last words! LOL

Keep going Eustace!! You can do it!!

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Coming to this late, but shame on the running store! I recently boycotted a well known retailer for suggesting my friend's running style was some kind of evolutionary throwback when she had her gait analysed - their loss. Myself, I am so flat and heavy footed I send seismic shock waves ahead of me, miraculously clearing the way ahead as people scatter in alarm. Don't give up - I'm only running 5min stints on wk4, so am in awe of 30 mins!!! You should feel proud of your achievement :-)

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EustacuaVye, it would be a real shame to give up something you really enjoy. Run because you love it and if that means switching back to more comfortable trainers to help, then do that. This forum has oodles of support for you! So your running “friend” is really not required! This is something your doing for you! And I hope you are able to continue doing this only for you!!❤️

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mrrunGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

You've ended up in a 4 year old thread! ;)

Fabulous450 profile image
Fabulous450Graduate in reply to mrrun

Lol weird, but glad to hear it!! 🤣❤️

Tkaye profile image
TkayeGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Wonder if they gave up?

Fabulous450 profile image
Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Tkaye

Hope not! 😉❤️

Tkaye profile image
TkayeGraduate in reply to mrrun

Me too!

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