Sir Thomas has changed out of the grey suit he arrived in (inset) into a new flouro green jacket which sort of matches the new trainers. Ah - new trainers I hear you (well at least Poppypug) say - been splashing out a bit haven't you? Well no... and yes - it's more a matter of I haven't been able to find running shoes that don't hurt my feet - I think I may have odd feet - well at least they are not very even :) Yes, yes and yes- I have had gait analysis - bit of a waste of space (I know - heresy!!!) but what does it tell you - generally either that you over-pronate or you don't - (at least on a running machine which isn't the same as road running and even less like trail running). Seems I overpronate BUT just with one foot! I've been to all the stores including the nice little specialist local running store where I thought I'd get some real help - unfortunately not - they just wanted to charge me £15 to play on their gait machine and then sell me the most expensive shoes they could find - didn't even look at my feet, but at least they let me go for a run along the street which is probably better than having gait analysis anyway :)

Today I took a pair of shoes back to exchange them:

ME: "I want to change these, they don't work."

MAN: "Oh can't exhange them - you've been running in them."

ME: "That's what they're for isn't it? I want to change them."

MAN: "You can't they've been used."

ME: "I'd like you to change them - they were mis-sold. I was told they were for over-pronation but on the internet it says they are neutral - plus they've hurt my foot."

MAN: (Thinking to himself - this guy is a nutter) "Oh OK then!"

So I changed them for a 'less is more' pair of minimalist running shoes and will see how they work out - just thought I'd give them a go... but so far the best thing that's happened and the most help I got was in a sports chain store of the type where you don't really expect much help...

A young girl approached - 'here we go', I thought - 'she'll be getting out the top of the range most expensive run faster new shoes with the built in vibrating heel and electroshock therapy midsole with dynamic super sticky grip aerobubble forefoot.' But she didn't - she looked at my feet - she recommended orthotic inserts in the cheapest pair of trainers known to man - and so far, so good - they feel like running on air. She told me it was her last day in the shop - she was going back to University - where she was doing her final year in sports physio :) She also suggested some exercises for raising the arch on the offending foot - now that's what I call real service.

To any out there who are even more beginnerish than me - I'd shop around - not so much for running shoes that you think you'll like but for a sales person who really knows what they are talking about and is genuinely willing to help :)

In spite of problems with shoes and having to decide what colour watch strap to wear, it is the middle of January and cold and wet and blustery and I am going out dressed for a summer's stroll and running for miles and loving it - I wasn't doing this a year ago! ;))

Good running everyone :)

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26 Replies

  • Cool shoes and erm slightly loud strap haha is Mr Tom a good buy? Watch is on my list also

  • Ha - Tight wearing men don't baulk at loud straps :) I think that price for price, Toms and Garms are much of a muchness - the Toms do have interchangeable straps to match the tights though and I suspect find satellites quicker (the longest I've had to wait is under 15 secs). The TomTom Runner with HR monitor seems to be on offer as low as £87 at Sweatshop at present which is a saving of about £70!

  • Haha oh yeah that would be me too :-) going into town tomorrow will go in and have a look :-)

  • Great stuff! I was poring over nike frees in the catalogue in bed last night. They have lots of fans.

    You tested em out yet?

  • No I think I will have a little jaunt tomorrow and will give a test drive report :) I never thought of running shoe catalogues as bed-time reading - when I have grand children I shall know what to read them now - 'Red Running Hood' or perhaps 'Snow Nike and the Seven DWarfs)

  • Well Miss Wobble - they are wonderful - though I shall wait to see how my feet feel tomorrow before singing praises too loudly. Immediate thoughts were I can feel my toes doing things and also 'my toes are cold'! So first impression - I could feel my feet working and moving freely instead of feeling I've just imprisoned them in a big box. They felt really really comfortable and more cushioned than I would have thought and completely different from my original running shoes which would have been more suited to the Bay City Rollers!!! :)I suppose the tootsies felt cold because there is now less between them and the outside world. I ran a PB for the first couple of K's and then turned back into the wind on the sea front - the wind was so strong I had difficulty walking let alone running and sand was blowing in my eyes - mon dieu - I need these gales to stop up here :)

  • Sounds like everything came good in the end, enjoy your new trainers. Happy running.

  • Many thanks 'New to Jogging' - I probably just have a funny run and am blaming it on the shoes but all's well that ends well :)

  • Sadly, PoppyPug is without laptop at the moment, due to her TRI (tea-related incident), so I'll say "New trainers -been splashing out a bit, haven't you?" for her. They look jolly spiffing m'dear. I particularly like the pink sole and heel -very fetching. Sympathies with your shoe issues. I'm gonna need to get some more myself soon but just keep putting it off, on the grounds that the £7 gel insoles in my old ones are more than man enough for the job. When I'm Prime Minister, all running shops will be required, by law, to have a sports physio on site, offering impartial advice on the most suitable shoes to buy. :)

    Have fun testing out your purchases :)

  • I shall be voting for you Ancient Mum (AM) to become Prime Minister (PM) - Quite right about the sports physio's - for heaven's sake if tesco's can have opticians you'd think a sports shop would have a physio tsk tsk humph!

    I haven't been keeping up with the site the last few days and will have to find out about the TRI - a running forum without a PP is like a day without sunshine :)

  • A lovely thing to say about pops, and so very true! (I'm counting on your vote, by the way! )

  • She deserves it and I'm sure she was only trying to be kind to her laptop by giving it tea.

    When you are PM will you be removing VAT from running clobber and exempting all runners from paying tax (after all getting fitter probably saves the NHS billions - and that's just me!). Also can all traffic lights at ped xings be permanently on red (unless I am driving) and can we negotiate to have the USA back as they have some nice runs over there. Many thanks in advance :)

  • You have my vote!!

  • Thanks Vix, I'll make sure the election is when you're visiting Blighty. I need all the votes I can get ;)

  • Oh yes, any clothes catalogue counts as bedtime reading in my book. Since losing weight i am suddenly interested in all things sartorial instead of just shopping at sacksrus

    I do read proper books as well i hasten to add

    Enjoy your run. You're bound to be fast in those babies, and with the wind at your heels

  • Oh yes - the wind... the wind!

    Sartorial elegance is indeed proper reading :)

  • I have a whole heap of books at my bedside to get through and i keep re-prioritising them. I'm reading one about marathon running at the mo but it's a bit dull. No pretty pictures for one start! Just tabulations of stats . Zzzzzzzz

  • Stats, stats and damn lies!!! Telephone directories used to be good for getting to sleep :) I wonder what the best ever running book is? Hmmm....

  • Hi Ru-non! nice shoes! :) i've never come across a tom-tom yet, they look pretty cool( suits you Sir!) :)

    I'm reading "Running Crazy" book about the 100 marathon club, bought in Poundland a while back(bargain!), its took me a while to get through it, due to my usual reading fodder being"Trashy novels" exchanged round a group of us, had a batch at Xmas to keep me busy! But its an interesting read, the guy on my last chapter had done 580! though i think the crazy factor definitely comes into it! :X

    Happy running in your new chaussures! :)

  • Ah oui - Je le vois, 'Trashy novels' are like ice cream for the brain. I suppose all athletes indeed anyone who excels in anything really has to have a bit of an obsessive personality - however 580 marathons may indeed be crazy factor stuff - reminds me of the old movie Marathon Man for some unknown reason :) Right I am off to try out the chaussures on the pieds in the stormy vent - now who's crazy:)

  • Hey Kitty - I think we've been on the same journey here and come out with the same result - neutral shoe with orthotic insert. The problem I've found with some shoes is that the arch support is too high and ends up bruising the inside of my foot. But hey ho - I'm getting there. For me the answer seems to be strengthening the muscles that form the arch. The girl in the shop suggested walking on tip toes for a minute at a time and then using a tennis ball to massage under the foot. There's an awful lot on the internet about it - a common one is to kind of create a claw with the toes - pulling them in and pushing them down which forms an arch too - then to just walk like that for a bit. I may go and see a physio to get more advice - but the thing to be realised I guess is that it's just another muscle group and if it is exercised it will get stronger and hopefully be less of a problem :) Have a brilliant day.

  • Wow lovin the trainers and the watch. Lucky you found that young lady, she was a real find!! Destiny brought you together!! I hate it when you go into a shop and people try to sell you the most expensive thing especially when they don't know anything about the product. I hope you Have many happy runs in your trainers. I love how you can change the colour of the tom Tom that is handy, I am a tad jealous!!

  • AH Vixchile - my favourite watch washer. Did it upload OK - To be fair I'm not sure I want to throw my TomTom in the washing machine to do a comparison test! :)

    Yeah one guy in one shop said, 'Yeah this curvy bit in the sole is good".

    "Good for what?", I questioned.

    "They're reduced by £30!", was his reply :)

  • They look great and I totally love your approach to Mr shopkeeper miss - selling you stuff...a great blog :)

  • What have you named him?

  • Well he did mis-represent the functionality of the running shoes :) I'm afraid TomTom was Knighted in the New Years Honours list and is called Sir Thomas - Juicy Jemimina just became a bit of a mouthful :) Although now he's in more vibrant clothing I might have to change his name again...

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