post run "crash" ?

Yesterday I did w6r2. I'm in the process of recovering from viral labrynthitis, so have dropped back a few levels compared with where I was before I got sick. I did the run and it felt OK - I was tired at the end, but OK. Went home. Had a shower, a slice of toast and a big glass of water. About an hour later I just suddenly felt awful. Stomach cramps, sick, dizzy, and plain exhausted. I basically spent the rest of the day lying down, had a bad night and I'm still not feeling great today.

Sooo, did I over-do it ? Should I blame the virus ? And what about tomorrow - move on to the next run, or redo w6r2, or go for a walk instead ?

Anyone come across this ? I felt OK before going for the run.

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  • Not a doctor so please feel free to ignore! I would say it is more likely to be the bug, you may also have had a bit of a sugar crash if you have been unwell and not eaten much before going out, I always try to have a snack with protein in it when I get home from a run as it helps to repair the muscles. If you have got this far through the programme with no previous issues then I would just take a few days off to recover from your virus and then get back out there.

  • Also I'm not a doc, but maybe you still need a bit of TLC, am I right in thinking it's been ear related? If so, they can make you feel a bit wobbly. Better to take a little extra time to heal than overdo it and injure yourself. Take care

  • maybe you should take it easy until your virus has cleared. why not just got out walking instead of running ? Take care : )

  • Thanks all for the replies. Partly its impatience on my part. I've been ill since late November, and everytime I feel like I'm getting better tha virus seems to come back and bite me ! I'm thinking that tomorrow I might just put on my running gear and go for a gentle walk/jog without using a podcast and without setting myself any goals... (I'm starting physio to retrain my brain and inner ear next week, but doctor's advice last week was to start easing myself back into my usual activities - as apparently that is what will end up retraining my brain properly).

    ho hum

  • I have had to do something similar due to iron issues. I decided to call them fun runs. It makes them a lot easier and has really helped my brain.

  • I took your advice. I had an errand to run 10 minutes walk from the house that would then let me come back via the park, so I walked to the shop then the park, jogged a bit taking it nice and slowly, then walked home In total I think I walked for 21 minutes and ran for 9, but I'm claiming it for jantastic anyway ! Today i feel better for it. (Being out in the fresh air often helps me feel better, I suspect that Tuesday I overcooked it.)

  • Take it easy is my opinion. A gentle walk/jog (wear an extra layer to keep warm) If you have a scenic area close by why not take your camera too and just enjoy being out.

    I took a serious chest infection in October and I'm still unable to run like I could, I'm working on it very slowly though. Wishing you good luck, the roads/pavements/tracks will still be there when you are more recovered. :)

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