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Do you feel sick mid-run? How to stop feeling so ill?

Hi folks.

So, in doing wk5 r3 (the BIG one) I was doing really well pushing myself on and on, until I got to about 17 mins in and I just had this huge overwhelming feeling I was going to be sick. So, had to walk the rest of the way home, and after a while it did go away without be having to be sick.

I have had moments mid run before of feeling a bit like trapped wind icky which mostly pass or I just push through them, until r2 on monday when it made me have to walk for about 30secs (but I blamed it on the blooming hill I was running up)

I have been running on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning) so I'm wondering if that could be the issue? But then I'll be worrying about running when I've had eaten... I have been drinking a glass of water before a run so I'm not sure if thats too much or not enough before the run??

Want to try and re-do this run3 either tomorrow or friday but dont want that sick feeling again! Any advice?

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I've had that sicky feeling too but I would definitely make sure you get some food inside you before you go out - even if it's just a banana. You need some fuel.


Polos or Extra Strong Mints might help. Mint helps with nausea and the sugar might help take the edge off if your body is running low on energy.


yep from time to time, though less recently. Any one who followed my thread whilst I was going through it may remember my avoidance of passing the vomitorium (or local bus stop as it is more commonly known in Surrey) where I had to stop for a sit down once or twice!

It just passed, I think my tactic was "keep on keeping on". May be just be one of those days, maybe just a fitness thing and that will pass, slow it down a bit if you feel it coming on as you did before.

I often run empty stomach and don't usually have an issue. I find it better if I I have had a couple of Weetabix or a banana and a cup of tea about an hour before hand but when I do early morning runs there is no way I am getting up an hour even earlier to fit it in :-( so half a glass of water does me OK by and large.


I always eat breakfast before running, just a bowl of dorset cereal. I don't think I could do it on empty. There's an interesting nutrition guide for runners on a site called The Running Bug. It might be worth a read.


When I did the C25K I used to always run in the mornings on just a few sips of water. I felt sick a few times in the middle of hard running. The sickness is normally caused by just pushing yourself a bit too hard. Your body is telling you to slow your pace a little while you build fitness. Now I can push much harder and don't feel sick.

I can still make myself feel icky by pushing too hard up hills. Your body knows better than you do how to make you slow down (re you having to walk on that hill). Just take it a teeny bit easier and see what difference it makes. A banana is about as much as I would try to eat before running; and you want to make sure it's gone down at least 15-30 mins before you go out; that's why I used to run on an empty stomach as I was getting up at 5.30-6am to get the run in before work.

Good luck!



Thank you everyone for your advice and support :)

I went out for a run this morning, but had a banana and a whole glass of water about 30 mins before I went out, and I'm sure it made the difference as I completed wk5 r3!

And no sickness :D

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I've noticed this taking place when it is very humid or warm outside like in the near afternoon period of the day. I know that feeling, it's horrible :)


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