Week 5 run 3....failed :-(

So I set off this morning very apprehensive about this run and I was right.really struggled. I got to 12minutes and had to walk for 3mins because I felt like I was going to be sick. It really was an awful feeling.i did run the last 5mins but very disappointed with myself.i hadn't eaten since 6pm the day before and I went for my run at 11am. Going to have a day of rest and then try again on Tuesday. Just so annoyed at myself!


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20 Replies

  • You get days like that, dont worry its just a case of learning about your body and how you need to fule it for fitness. Everyone is different and its trial and error. You have learned something about your body today and been for a run, so I would say you have acheived a lot, not failed at all.

    Well done. :-)

  • I failed at my W7R3 tonight. Pissed! Lack of hydration equaled shin splints. 15 minutes in and I had to stop and walk back home. I can't believe I let it happen and I'm so angry at myself right now. But, I know that I will get back out there in two days and do it again. It's good to know I'm not alone in the occasional fail.

  • Hiya, just wanted to say (hoping it will help you avoid them in future!) that from what I have read, it isn't dehydration that leads to shin splints, have a read of this .


  • Hey Deryn,

    Thanks for the article. After super hydrating yesterday and today after the fail, I was able to run with only a slight pain on the side of my leg. While I loved the article and will definitely keep those tips in mind while I continue on with my journey, I totally think that, for me anyway, hydration is a big part of my issue.

  • Ronthedon you haven't failed coz you ran for a whole 12 minutes non stop which is longer than you have done before. It's just one of those days and I am sure you'll manage the 20 minutes next time. Just remember to pace yourself...better to go out slow & steady...you can always pick up pace at the end if you have the energy. Good luck :)

    PS - if it makes you feel any better, I failed at w5r3 too (and a few others) and I've graduated. We just all get there in our own time

  • You did really well considering you were running on empty! Good luck (and breakfast) for Tuesday.

  • Don't worry at all. It got me down when I didn't make W5R3 because it was the first time I'd had any problems up to then. I ran 16 mins and walked a few then ran the last 4 mins. I didn't bother repeating the run and went on to have no trouble with week 6 which I finished yesterday. I say, no trouble, I find it really hard and I too feel sick sometimes but I have finished the runs ok.

    Think of every improvement as a success and don't be so hard on yourself.

  • I am having a day of rest today before attempting the same run as you tomorow, so I shall wish you good luck and hopefully we can both blog that we have completed. I shall be thinking you you while I am running.

  • You have not in any way failed! Imagine if, 6 or more weeks ago, you decided to run 12 mins non stop! You just couldnt have done it. I definitely think going without food for 17 hours might be a factor! You will do it next time.

  • I've run on empty before and it's just not worth it. You did run for twelve minutes and that isn't failure! Good luck for Tuesday.

  • Sometimes we need to practice to achieve the best things in life... You could count this as a practice for the next run. Believe in yourself and be kind to your body :-)

  • You will have good days, you will have bad days. Dust yourself off and try again. This program DOES work - give it another go. Sure you will be successful.

  • Failed my W6R3 yesterday too! Am now starting W6 again tomorrow. Hope it gets better then.

  • I failed at W7 R2 on Saturday also only ran 12 minutes) - complete lack of energy, and pains in my calves - but have just got back from succesfully completing it. And I feel great that I tried again and didn't give up when it got difficult. Best of luck.

  • I failed my run today....week11 run 1 !!!

    Even us graduates have bad runs!

    Only managed 3.5k of my intended 5k.

    Gutted but wednesday is another day....and i would have been thrilled( when i started this running milarkey ) to think that i would one day see 3.5k as a failure!!!!

    You can do it...lots of food and sleep always helps...x

  • know how you feel, I went out to do 30 mins and gave up after 20 mins :( (2.5k) roll on the next run!! mine's Friday due to life /travel getting in the way

  • Thanks...have woken up with a sore throat abd a teenage son with a raging cold. So I'm blaming him!

    Are you missing that"have to run today to complete the program" motivation or are you snowed under with life?

  • I failed twice last week because I didn't get off my sofa and go out for the runs!! So your so called failure isn't as great as mine. Sunday I went out again so I am back in the swing of it now, its disappointing to have a bad run but that's all it is and a bad run is still 10 times better than a non-run. Slow down a bit when you try it again and you will be able to make the run no problem.

  • Yip I agree with bizzyb take it easy and think of what you have achieved so far - lots!

  • oh Ronthedon...I'm on W5 & will do my 2nd run today...first thing I noticed was your body had no fuel...gee whiz--try to eat at least 1 1/2 - 2 hrs before you eat, gotta give your body something to work with, ok? Also, maybe your pace was too fast and you weren't truly in the "running zone"...I call it that, but it's not to fun the fastest, it's to work your body to its best efficiency for you and to be able to enjoy the fact that you're running, while taking note of your pace, being conscious of your breathing, being in the moment of running...or are you just trying to complete the program or what? I'm a newbie like you...never thought I could ever run and I've got this far. And you didn't fail, it just wasn't a good day for you, AND I know you're going to try again, right?...I , didn't think I would find these blogs helpful, but I do, in a big way...great community out there...and we do care...good luck!

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