W2R1. Now I Understand a "bad run"

Well it all started so well, up @7 and ready for my run ( shuffle) stretched and stretched some more, hooked the dog up to her harness and off we went. By the end of the 5 mins walk I could feel my calfs begining to hurt. By the end of run 3 I had to stop so much pain in calfs and shins.

What am I doing wrong? If I go any slower I'll be running slower than the walk. My other half thinks it might be just to early to go and I should go after work. This is all well and good when in on early shift like last week but this week I'm on lates so I don't get home until 10pm. I'm going to try Wednesday when I get home and see

Any advice on the sooo very sore shin, calfs and upper feet

A very fed up Chris 😩


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  • I'm no expert but the only time I had to give up on a run, around Week 4, I'm sure it was down to dehydration after a long day at work when I hadn't had much to eat or drink. Make sure you are well hydrated before going to bed. I much prefer running in the morning but I drink plenty of water during the evening before..

  • Is there a problem with running slower than you can walk? I don't think so (although there may be merits in slowing your walk as well). The aim of the programme is to develop the ability to run continuously and regularly for 30 minutes.

    The programme doesn't ask you to stretch before you start... it builds in 5 minutes warm up walk and it may be worth sticking to the programme. I'd say most people are keen on the idea of a stretch session afterwards (not including me) and I'd definitely say that all of us who keep going with running find that rounding their overall programme to include some stretching at some point not necessarily as part of a run session is worthwhile. But many of us would caution against stretching before a run (and I gather the evidence is that at best it doesn't prevent injury)... If you read your own account back again I think you'll see that the stretching before your session, perhaps especially first thing, may be at least partly the cause of your difficulties. By all means do some stretching at other times in your week, but not like this before you are warmed up.

    Do you have the option to run on a gentler surface if you are currently on hard surfaces? I also find that keeping my calves warm has been very important to avoiding twinges and I wear full length legwear unless it is really so warm it would be uncomfortable.

    You might want to review your footwear too - that's interesting the tops of your feet hurt too. I wonder if you are running very tense?

  • +1 what GoogleMe says.

    Sore caves I blame on the stretching before the run. Stretching 'straight out of bed' is not helpful. Try to stretch only when your muscles are warmed up (ie after a run).

    Sore shins I blame on over-striding. Try to walk and run with a shorter stride. That's hard to do, so try and run more quietly. Place your feet down without 'slapping' them on the pavement, making sure that you land with your body above your foot, ideally landing on your midfoot.

    RICE will sort you out, and go very gently on Wednesday. Good luck!

  • RICE?? What's that?

    Over striding my walking I think. Another thing to work on πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Sorry, RICE is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. All things that you can do to help an achy running injury.

  • Sorry, I had not read you post.. I just reiterated a load of your very good points.. sorry !!

  • No harm in repetition, that's why the programme says that most sessions are to be done 3 times (although too many people still don't believe it after three times...)

  • You will be fine... and there is no such thing as too slow.. believe us, most of us really know that :)

    Make sure you are warmed up and then after your warm up five minute walk, relax into it... sometimes we hold ourselves tense, ( some of us even used to hold our breath, until the run bits got too long)... :) and it impacts on legs, feet, ankles, shoulders and even heads! Try, in your runs to land lightly and gently... just enjoy the experience...

    Early morning runs, i love. they are the best.. for me anyway...but you need to really relax and just try to go with it. It is hard at the start and the pain is our bodies saying.. " What the heck are you doing to me"...:)

    A warm shower and massage rub those legs.. and see how you go ?:)

  • Thanks all.

    Tuesday night I'll drink loads. And try again Monday morning I think without the dog or stretching. I'm going to look at new shoes next week as I don't think the ones I have are helping.

    I think I'm tense in my feet when I run but don't yet understand how to relax them? If that makes sense.

    I feel like I could do more if only my legs would let me and maybe hold off a few weeks before I take my dog again

    Thanks for all the advice


  • Hey Chris, well done on getting out there. My shins were hurting yesterday too. Am hopeful that Weds will be better, but as the weather forecast looks rubbish will need to find extra motivation from somewhere. Knowing that you and others are sticking with it is helping to motivate me, so thanks πŸ™‚

  • Yes it's not going to be nice for the next run. But it's gonna just be a case of get out and give it a go. We can do this! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • I did my 20 minute jog on week 5 and have struggled on week 6. Finding my legs calfs are hurting after 5 minutes not giving up out again Wednesday. Last three days of week 6 have not been good so I'm starting week 6 again. 😘

  • Unless my next 2 runs this week go well I'm thinking of starting week 2 again next week, or before trying the first run of week 3 πŸ‘πŸ»

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