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Back in the saddle

So having graduated once (albeit only the 30 minute bit - I was never fast enough for the 5k) followed by life getting in the way of progress I find myself back at the start again.

This time a friend from work and I are tackling the whole weight / fitness / middle age thing head on!!!

We joined Weight Watchers back in October and this week started hitting the gym.

Just got to the end of the 3rd run in week 1. It's funny, last time round I was so unfit I had to repeat week 1 before I felt comfortable moving on, and I thought not having done anything more strenuous than walking the dogs for more than a year would have put me right back to square one. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised and while I don't feel like I could have started further through the programme, I definitely don't feel like I did first time round and will most definitely be tackling W2 next time round

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Good on you for getting back into it, I too have just finished week 1 and have done the program before (I got to end of week 8). You sound positive and so you should - go for it, and good luck for the coming weeks too.


I did C25k 3 years ago, but then having completed I stopped soon afterwards. I did try to restart some time ago, but only did a couple of the runs due to my Mum becoming very ill at that time.

However this time I plan to graduate again & stick at the running. I'm glad there are other people starting over too. Good luck.


I hope this time you'll all be finishing the programme and moving on to the C25k+ programme, still with Laura. If you're a weight watcher you'll lose weight faster by running. Keep up the dog walking too as it's really good exercise too and it does help strengthen you. I don't have my own dog but I borrow other people's to help me with my own weight loss. It worked!


I know this probably sounds a daft question, but what do you mean you weren't fast enough for the 5k? It doesn't matter how slow you are, if you can run for 30 mins whatever distance, that is fantastic. I could never ever do a 5k in 30 mins, and quite often come last in parkrun, but I'm still doing it. I know the programme says you should be doing 5k in 30 as a guide, but not in this case. Really good luck with the will be suprised how much you progress....x


I have come to the conclusion that I'm built for comfort rather than speed and am perfectly content to be able to jog along for 30 minutes even if I don't get near the 5k lol. Maybe if I manage to keep it up this time I will eventually get quicker :-)


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