Yo dudes! I'm back from my Berlin trip where unfortunately the lycra didn't have time to run the streets, owing to my work commitments. Finishing work each morning at 4am wasn't conducive to getting up and heading out onto the flat streets of Berlin. I spent most of my time in bed, trying to get ready for the next nights onslaught so I was looking forward to coming home.

After spending yesterday readjusting my body clock, I got up late this morning and put on the running gear. I was so looking forward to going for a run as it had been 8 days since my last outing. I wanted to breathe the air, smell the spring flowers and see the river shimmering in the morning sunshine. It wasn't long before I was out the door, having done my hip and glute stretches first.

I was wondering if a week away from it all would make a difference to my fitness. Would I be able to knock out a 5K with ease? My legs for once were feeling absolutely ache free and fine and the week off had probably done THEM some good. I planned to do around 7K today, along my fave route. As soon as I started I felt good. I'd set my watch to beep at 20 mins which was where I was gonna have a walk break and before long 3.5K had passed and I heard the "BEEP BEEP BEEP" from my wrist. Time for a breather! I only took a minute and then I was off again, my breathing fine, legs fine and general demeanour in good shape.

The only near mishap came as I was approaching a bus stop at 6K. A woman in a shocking pink coat stuck her arm out at exactly the same height as my face JUST as I was passing. I had to do this twisting, bend stunt to avoid my nose being thwacked and I grabbed her arm with my hand and made a sort of "Aaaghhh!" sound. She nearly sh** herself as she had no idea I was passing her, despite my electric orange lycra SuperDan suit which she must have spotted 50 metres prior to the incident, as she looked at me approaching! Some peoples sense of spacial awareness (or rather "lack of") really does astound me sometimes....

I was tired when I stopped running and walked the 5 minutes back home at a fairly slow pace. I checked my phone for stats when I got in the door - 6.5K in total and was pleased to see I'd knocked out a 5 in 29'44. Mrs Dan made me scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast as a treat later on which went done beautifully!

So a fairly successful outing today for me which I was pleased with. It seems that my natural relaxed running speed equates to running 5K in just under half an hour each time I do it. I'm sure weighing less helps and also after exactly ONE YEAR TODAY when I started C25K, I've got to know my bodies speed versus effort quotient.

WOW! I've just realised. It's one year since I started this program - having looked at the date! What a journey and how fabulous I've managed to keep it going for this long. Long may it continue because I've definitely got to that stage (like so many other graduates) where I start to feel a bit anxious if I can't go for a run!! That's a GOOD thing.

Keep it up everyone and don't EVER give up!



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28 Replies

  • Welcome home dan , & sounds like a fantastic run

  • Thanks Rockette!

  • its called the U.K

  • clearly missed The Beatles reference in my title.....

  • Loved this amusing little story! And very encouraging :) Really hope I'm still running in 12 months from now too! :)

  • You will be. Keep it up!

  • Thank you Dan :)

  • Great Dan, well done. Sounds like the break did your legs good and didn't impact negatively on your time. Pleased you didn't end up flat out on the path with a black eye! x

  • Me too!

  • I know what you meant dan as I started singing it right off! LOL

    Welcome back. Great first run, apart from the near smack round the ear

    You are so lucky to have delish food on tap. Your wife is the power behind running man. Does she run herself?

  • No, Mrs Dan is an aerobics kinda gal - Keep Fit DVDs coming out of her ____! Glad you got the Beatles ref.....I think it foxed dazwa101!

  • Do you think you have to be of a certain age to get it? I am I did .

  • Feels so good to get back out there after a few days break, congratulations on your anniversary ... keep up the good work!!

  • Cheers folliegirl.

  • One year eh? Fantastic keep up the good work

  • It's flown by too. Thanks for your reply.

  • Many happy returns for your running anniversary. Nice to see you back - place wasn't the same. Sounds like Mrs Dan is a gourmet cook - do you want a lodger? Thoroughly enjoyed your post. Well done on your first outing for 8 days - though I'm sure the rest did you good. Keep enjoying your runs and keep posting these lovely anecdotes. Best wishes.

  • Happy anniversary! What a huge difference a year makes!

  • Happy Anniversary and Welcome Home.

  • Such a good thing... And loving the thrust of the pink lady into the orange god!!!

  • Er.....yes! I'm on the look out now for potential pink ladies....

  • Congratulations on the running anniversary - what a difference a year makes, eh? As for the lady in pink - you didn't see her standing there, as you ran for your life, down the long and winding road - yes, okay, I'll stop now!

  • Ahhh....that was fun. We could go on like for hours!

  • Welcome home Dan and congratulations on your running anniversary....keep on running (as the song says!!) ....

  • thank you!

  • That's really good to read, after all the injuries you have had, you haven't let it stop you. As someone who is out with an injury the last line of your blog means so much to me, you're right we must never give up! Thanks for the boost of positivity. :-)

  • Thanks notbad. Hope your injury repairs real soon and you can get out there in your lycra catsuit!

  • So, you didn't run the Tiergarten then? Tut tut tut..... Sehr gut Currywurst und Bier nicht wahr?

    You better run for your life if you can.... (Ref: Beatles).

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