Couch to 5K

Week 3 - London Marathon training- got the jitters this week!!

I have blithely been going along with my training- not putting too much stress on myself about it - and this week suddenly I got nervous. Not that I wouldn't do it - but real butterflies in my stomach - everytime I thought about it- my tummy churning. And people around me are taking a proper interest- asking me lots of questions about how the training is going and congratulations attempting it- etc. And all of this has got under my skin a bit - I of course 'walk the walk' and talk a confident picture of running - but there is a mouse inside me going - really!!

There we are week 3. Runs as follows:

1 x 5k -my favourite fast hill interval route - beautiful and sunny - and left my mate standing (Not self satisfied just pleased at my progress)

1x 7k - At the end of day after work- not my fav time to run and at the gym. Just did it and got on with it- my 16 year old was in the gym doing serious weights - we just decided to ignore each other - but he did bother to complement me later on my dreadmill session.

1 x 5k - my very easy recovery run - just as well I was in the Grinchiest of Grinch moods - it took a supreme effort to get out the door- by the end of the run I had unbent myself and was feeling better

1 x 11k - this morning- The Devon Sun Shining at its best- running along the flat coast road- simply glorious and not to shabby a time 1 hr 17 mins.

This weeks message in the programme is not to have hidden agenda's. That is to have no other thoughts other than simply finishing the Marathon. The reason for this - is not to feel you have 'failed' at something because you set impossible thresholds on yourself. For example, to lose weight, to run faster and not to walk. Ha Ha - I do have hidden agendas - I do want to lose weight and I do want to finish in a certain time, but don't care about the odd walking breaks.

By the end of next week - I will have completed 25% of the training programme( As I type this I am shaking my head in disbelief).

Thank you for book recommendations from last week - Keep on running - Phil Hewitt - weather rubbish tomorrow - so shall stay tucked under the duvet and read:-)

Happy running everyone - thanks for reading.

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25%!!! That's fantastic. You'll crack it. x


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. :-)


Very inspirational, amazing how far you have come, good luck with the rest of your trying and please keep posting


Thank you so much - it really does matter how much I am encouraged - it means a lot :-)


You ain't no mouse're a runner!


Thank you as always for the very grounding, and stabilising morale boost. Feel stronger today :-)


I am in awe of you.... Every respect for your perseverance, that's spurred me on to get out... Never look at the run as a whole or you will freak, you have to break it up into achievable chunks mentally and physically ... I am so excited for you!!!


Thank JJ for encouragement and support- it literally does make all the difference. Good advice on breaking up the runs - I will take heed. Feeling better today - but possibly because it is a rest day. No 100m lengths for me. This Marathon Queen (ha ha ha ha - laughed so much - but I like it:-) )- is going to do some life admin - in the form of ironing.

Glad you go your mojo back :-) Happy running


I could not even imagine running a Marathon well done Suzy, truly inspirational! :)


Thank you - a tip of salute to you my friend -you are very kind :-)


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