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W9R2 done at Park Run


Runkeeper drill sargent and C25K Laura's timings are quite different. I walked around for 5 mins before Park Run started, then set off running with everyone else. I was right at the back of the pack but happy with that. Anyone I overtook was walking and most of them overtook me again once they got their second wind.

I got to 30 mins running and wasn't too far from the end so ran a little bit more. Then I realised the end wasn't where I was looking and the incline finished me so I slowed down to a walk.

A Marshall shouted encouragement and that I had to cross the finish line jogging, so I did. I'll get my time later when I go online. I walked the end again afterwards and worked out I was about 1.2km away from running the 5km!

So glad I got red trainers, it's like a matching outfit when my face goes red!

One more run to do to get to the podium, then my next goal is to run 5 km without stopping. Then my next goal is to run 5km easily!

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Well done and welcome to ParkRunning! Fantastic events. You’re doing fab!

Well done!


Fantastic! Isn't parkrun a brilliant idea?

I've just had my position and time texted to me. I came 225th and it took me 36:39mins. As I completed the first lap the super zoo my fast guy who came first whizzed past me to the finish line!

Bettered my previous Park Run time by 5mins (I think I was on my first 25 min run when I did Park Run for the first time). Don't forget to go online and sign up to get a bar code if you want a time at Park Run 🏃🌳🍃🌿


Well done! Looking forward to my first one very soon!! 😎

225 out of 243. I wasn't last!!!


Fantastic Badddie! Well done! You completed your run with great company! It’s in the bag!! 😁😁😁❤️


Well done. I’m trying to do park runs. It’s great. The people are so friendly. I’m never last, but I’m always about 10 from the back! But I’m not bothered. I may want a new PB each week. I could have done better yesterday, but I got a stitch and it slowed me down for the final 1.5kms. That’s life. Enjoy.

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