Week 8 Run 1- sneaky Laura!

Luckily, at the very end of a tough run tonight, I remembered that Laura tries to trick us! She didn't get one over on me though! Unfortunately, I was slightly delirious as I had messed up my route and ended up slogging uphill for the crucial last three minutes. So, when I realised that Laura was trying to trick me into stopping early, I over-reacted slightly by shouting "Aha! You sneaky cow!" rather too loudly.  It would have been fine had I not been running past a full bus shelter at the time.  However, 28 minutes done! A tough run, in the pouring rain  with an unexpected hill, but these are the ones that feel the best to finish! Good luck with all the runs this weekend, friends. 

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  • Wondered about the news flash about a strange runner, yelling at unsuspecting bus passengers.. :)

    Well done you.. especially the hill! Embrace the hills... they are just flat roads.. etc etc.. :)

  • The hill did make me slow right down...in fact, it took me ages to overtake a walking pedestrian! 

  • Great work. Graduation so close now 😀

  • I know! I can't believe it, can you? I don't want to jinx it, but I figure if we can run the 28 minutes this week then we can't mess it up too badly, surely?! At one point (around week 2) I had serious doubts that I would ever get to week 8!  

  • No, should be plain sailing from here on in, although the programme still has its challenges. I had serious doubts I'd ever be able to run for 5 minutes, let alone get this far.

  • Well done!

  • Thanks Shivani! Hope you are enjoying post-graduation running...

  • Oh dear!  That did make me giggle though :D

    Well done on the run though.  Finishing uphill... you should be proud :)

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