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Week 4 Run 1 - By the light of the silvery moon and puddles

Couldn't do the w4r1 last night in the wind and rain, so did it tonight in the wind and rain !!!!

Change of tactic tonight, new route - not one of my best ideas.

Out the house for the quick 5 minute walk, and my new route was to take me around the local lake and back home. Picked the night when all the street lighting was out and puddles/mini lakes everywhere and the only light guiding me round the route was the moon. Needless to say got very wet and muddy, however puddle jumping and alternative routing took my mind away from the pain of the 5 minute runs.

Checked my little app and 4.93k completed, very smug with oneself - loving it.

Best to everyone.

Here's a link to the firs time i did w4r1

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Well done Mark. I reckon by the time any spring weather arrives, those of us who did the programme over the winter are in for a shock ;)


Wow, 4.93k I'm still not running that far. Well done!


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