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My comeback after the Christmas and New Year indulgence

Well, it wasn't that bad! Just completed W6R2 after just over two weeks break. Did consider repeating week 5 or something, but then just thought I would try and pick up where I left off and it worked okay! Was struggling for the last minute of the second 10 min run, waiting for Laura to tell me to stop, but I did it!

On to W6R3....wish me luck.

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Good luck Just take it slow and steady and you'll be fine Illlook out for your graduation badge in a few weeks


Well done! No mean feat after a break for all things Chrismassy! Week 6 was quite tricky for me so you did really well. Good luck with the next one! :-)


Look at you! Go girrrrrrrrl! Stick at it and before long I'll be asking you for advice. Super performance on the last 10 minute run - THAT will stand you in good stead. Sticking it out to the end is hard, but sooooo worth it when you're in the shower singing "I'm simply the BEST! duh...duh...duh...duhh...better than all the rest"...... You get my point right?


Yes you're back! Well done. Not long now.....good luck.


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