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My comeback Parkrun!

Hi all,

So today was the day I pencilled in for my first real run after Ramadan. My 5km PB is 25'30" but my aim today was a sub 30" 5km. I also had the full Garmin kit on for the first time (watch, heart rate monitor & footpod), at the moment it is a bit of information overload but over time I will use it to train smarter.

I have been volunteering at Barking Parkrun for the last three weeks so I knew the regular runners who are at around the pace I wanted to run, so when we set off I positioned myself with them and glaced at the watch every so often to make sure I was on target. After 2km the bunch split and I was left with one other person and we were on course for 29'30". We stayed within a few meters of each other until about 4.5km when I decided to make a push for the finish, this was partially the competitor in me wanted to finish ahead of him and because I wanted to see if I had it in me to kick to the finish. He kept up with me for about 200m and then fell back, I pushed myself all the way and finished in 28'40".

The garmin measured the run at 4.95km, so I jogged a further 50m a few minutes later just to get the overall distance up to 5km. I promise I didn't cut any corners! I did run a tight line on the bends so maybe I should run on the outside next time!

Here is a link to my run:


PS - I started a family C25K club yesterday with my wife, sister in law and 2 younger cousins. We ran W1R1 yesterday and will run W1R2 tomorrow. I enjoyed doing the run again and can now tell how far I have come since April. C25K is really a great programme.

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Sub 30 after a month off is a really great time, though I'm glad you didn't push too hard, don't want an injury when you have new toys to play with. You'll be back to 25 minutes soon! I like the route, along the side of a lake seems a nice place to run, though at your normal blistering pace you probably don't get to appreciate it much! ;D

Have fun with your C25K family club.


Thanks Beads! I am very happy with the time and will hopefully be back to my previous times in a month or so.


That's fantastic going! Well done!

Good luck to your family with the program!


Thanks! And we'll done on your first Parkrun too!


Great time well done x


Thanks Kate.


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