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Love to Run Valentines Quest - Feel free to join

Happy new year to everyone

Please feel free to join our new quest.

It will run from 6th January 2014 until the weekend of 15/16 February 2014

It's called

The Love to Run Valentines Quest.

For some of us,its time to get back into our running routines. Maybe it's time to push yourself just a little bit or maybe your coming back from injury or illness. If so this is the place for you.

Please post underneath if you want to join and your name will be added. All you have to do is think about a goal you want to set yourself for the coming weeks or a weekly run target.

Don't forget jantastic has started but you can easily be part of both.

Love to run valentines quest participants





















Happy running and take care

Rfc x

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My goal for this quest is to get back up to running distances again. I have lost a bit because of the iron and then Christmas. So I am treating myself as though I am coming back from illness. I have joined jantastic so have pledged to run three times a week, but I would like the quality of those runs to be more structured and consistent. So I am going back to walk/run for a while and hopefully by the end I will be running 4km easily. I think trying to go from 3 to 5 km was too much of a stretch last time so this time I am looking to be a bit more realistic. I am defiantly a plodder and want to be proud of running rather than pushing myself until I feel like less of a runner.

My new mantra is:-

Plodding is running - So There!!!!

Monday 6th logged my first jantastic run for the team.


Hi Rfc,

Haha! Great mantra! I think I might borrow that as it rather sums me up.

I'd like to join the quest please. I will be aiming to do two runs of about half an hour a week. At present levels of fitness 30 minutes running is about 3.25 to 3.5k for me. So if I can progress to 4k per run fairly easily, and without injury, I will be happy.

Realism has to be the byword for me though as this week is already looking tricky what with waterlogged paths and getting eldest back to uni. But we'll see. There will certainly be no beating myself up if it doesn't happen, though it will be good to have something to motivate me.

Here's to some dry and mild weather for the next few weeks!!


Here here to that. Roll on summer I say. Welcome onboard.


Can I please join in? Such a good idea. Weather permitting (hence a reasonable target), I'd like to get my PB for 5k from 40:28 to under the 40 mins mark. I aimed for the end of the year, but despite how close I came I couldn't conquer it. Plodding is running indeed :)


Thank you. Welcome onboard your name has been added.


Hi Rfc

Count me in please .Like you,I just want to get my distance back up.Following a knee problem back in November,I saw my distances drop from between 5-6 km down to 3km.I'm now going to concentrate on upping the distance by 10% each week to be on the safe side and hopefully I'll be able to keep the knee problem at bay.

Aiming to run 3-4 times a week now the Christmas break is over permitting .

Happy New Year to you and all the other Valentine Questers :)

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Good to see you around. Sorry you've had a knee problem hope you get back up to fitness. Welcome onboard. Your name has been added


Another fellow jantastic team-mate here, I'm aiming to keep running 5k 3x a week for that challenge and this. Also for this 'love to run' quest I am going to add strength training every non-run day coupled with stretching routine, hoping this will help with the recurrent niggles I've had.

I will not try to up speed or distance yet as my main aim is to avoid injury and just enjoy my running. Good luck everyone, questors and jantastics alike! :-)


I agree sometimes we push to far, stretching sounds good. Welcome onboard your name has been added


I'd like to join too please. Have joined Jantastic where my first goal is simply to run 3 times a week. For the 'love to run quest' I want to be more specific and say 2 x 5k runs and one speed or stamina podcast a week and to take part in a park run.


Stamina and park run, wow sounds great. Welcome onboard your name has been added.


I'd like to join too please. I'm also trying to get back to some distance runs following a knee problem, 10k once a week and two 5ks is my goal plus maybe losing a few pounds and fitting into a slinky new dress for valletines night!!


If your running those distances I am sure you will fit into a slinky dress by then no problem. Welcome onboard, your name has been added.,


Perfect timing for me as birthday on 11th feb and that has always been my 1/2 way running goal on way to race in may . Going to start bupa 10k beginners plan tomorrow Aim to run 3x times a week -- 1x park run , 1x 30 mins when might use 5k+ podcasts , 1x longer run ( increasing distance very slowly but hoping to eventually be able to run for 50mins continuously) Not too bothered about how fast I can do runs more will I have stamina to run the distance


I am with you on the personal pace and increasing slowly. Welcome onboard. Your name has been added.


Thanks RFc for organising these quests and keeping us focused Good luck to all questers


I'm in again! This time I want to increase my running by 5 minutes a fortnight for 2 of my runs. Cannot manage 3 5k runs at present due to weather and darkness unfortunately.

Also want to increase my speed a bit, under 39 minutes would be great.


Every increase is a step further. The weather is a bit limiting isn't it. Welcome onboard your name has been added.


Yes please I'd like to join too please. I'm definitely a plodder too. When I graduated I was doing about 3.5k. I have eventually increased this to just over 4k. So I'd like to increase my distance by 10% each week. My aim is to run at least every 2 days so 2.5 runs per week.


wow your doing well on your increase. welcome on board your name has been added.


I'm in. My goal is to get back out there, running and walking, after wimping out over the holidays with the rotten weather and having hubby at home all day!

My real goal is to make every run at least 7k, preferably 8 and running 10k more regularly as I'm hoping to do a 10k race at some point. I've achieved the first over the last few weeks but need to get really motivated again to make the third!


I know the weather has been horrible. Like you I spent precious time with family and now its back to it. Welcome on board, your name has been added.


Hi all, great to see everyone's positive approaches and new goals. I've also signed up for Jantastic and am trying to make sure I run 3 times a week, so that will be my initial goal. I'd also like to be doing one longer distance run a week. My biggest goal though is to get my daughters running - they have now both said they want to do it, although getting them out the door in the rain has not proved possible yet - it will be a challenge for sure!


Let them read some of the positive posts on here and remind them its great for self esteem. Welcome on board, your name has been added.


Please count me in too.

My goal is to increase my distances. I have a 7k race booked on the 7th Feb so would like to be upto 7.5-8k by the end of the quest.

I too need to do more stretches so I'm including that and using my foam roller.

I logged my first fantastic run for the team today as well.

Viki :-)


Wow a 7km race. That must be exciting be sure to keep us all informed. Welcome on board your name has been added


Hi RFC, I'd like to join, please. My goal will be to get back up to 5k. At the moment I am having to re-learn how to run and am trying to move to toe-heel rather than thumping along heel-toe. Because I can't drive at the moment I am walking a lot more and this has resulted in very tight calf-muscles, so I have lots of lower-leg and foot exercises to do. It has affected my running and I was getting awful shin pain, so although I am still running I can only do about 3.5k or so just now. Hence a goal of 5k! Thanks for setting this up :)


Your running has fine the same as me by the sounds of it just different reason. I am learning that now I run I have to stretch after long walks because it uses muscles In a differnt way and I need them back in place for a run. Welcome onboard your name has been added


I swapped to front of foot from heel, but stupidly once decided to switch about 10 mins into my 30 min run and kept going. Definitely NOT recommended as my calves were agony for 3 days and I could barely stand while stairs were almost impossible. I've successfully and painlessly switched now, but I did it by running intervals swapping between heal first and front of foot first (1 min front, 5 mins heel, then upped the front landing interval gradually).


Ouch! Thanks for the advice - it's not easy, swapping when I have been running like this for 18 months. I'll try your interval method :)


Add me please! at week 5/6 at the moment, but this is the 3rd attempt to get through the programme. This time with a bit of a push I really hope to make it. Would love to make it by Valentines day, and I know I should be able to achieve this.....


Of course you can, the rules for non graduates is that you must stick to the program and listen to your body. I am sure you will get there this time. Welcome on board your name has been added.


Hi, a day late but I'd like to join please!

Just graduated and my goal is to maintain 3 runs/week @ 30mins. Don't want to tempt injury so not sure if I'll increase my running time during this quest. Will listen to my body (especially my hips!).

Really appreciate the encouragement and accountability being here brings - thanks!


Your never late to join. Welcome on board your name has been added


Please count me in. I graduated a month ago and have managed to dodge the storms and continue running.

I need a challenge to encourage me to go out when the paths are muddy and littered with puddles (and when I have to change my normal route due to flooding). So my goals for The Love to Run Valentines Quest are to

- Run 5K 3 times a week

- Start the B210K podcasts with a view to running 10K by my half year anniversary

- Improve my 5K running time so I can get closer to 30 minutes on the park runs.

I'm enjoying feeling fitter and refuse to let this awful weather get the better of me! Good luck everyone.


Wow couch to 10k in a year and a half fantastic. Welcome onboard your name has been added


Thanks Rfc. Please add me to the Valentine's quest too. I've been out for my first run of Jantastic today and not only managed to run 5K (in three segments) but walked an extra 5K too, unexpectedly giving me my first ever 'PB' for a 10K! :-D Feeling really motivated and hoping my intestines will play nice. ;-)

My goal for this quest is to run 3 times per week, as per Jantastic, even if I only manage one mile. I can't be sure when the diverticulitis might play up again, so although I'd like to say I'll also run 10 miles per week, I'm going to save that one for next time in the hope that my insides have settled down again by then.


Thank you so much for sorting of jantastic it is a great incentive. I hope your digestion behaves itself. Welcome on board your name has been added.


I would be chuffed to bits if I could run 5k in 30 minutes! So that is my personal challenge - alongside Jantastic!


Sounds good. Welcome on board, your name has been added


I'm aiming for 3 runs a week, weather and health permitting:

1 x speed or hills.

1 x 5km

1 x "longer" run, ideally an hour or 10km (I finished B210K on the last day of 2013). Realistically I won't manage 10 km every week, but I'd like to do it at least twice - more would be a bonus, but some "long" runs might be significantly shorter!


Well done on finishing b210k that some going. Welcome on board your name has been added


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