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Gosh...back jogging and loving it

On Boxing Day I popped my trainers on after a 3 month break. I totally lost motivation after graduating, was fed up with my usual routes and stupidly busy with work and home. I'm a single mum, with a FT job and exercise alone so keeping motivated isn't easy with all the other pressures. My kids are older but university runs for one, and helping with job hunting, and teaching the other to drive is time as time consuming and emotionally draining as having teenagers!

Anyway, and apologies to Laura, but the NHS podcasts weren't doing it for me so I found another and started with the 2 min intervals thing. Today, I went out instead of 3x6 mins with 2min walking intervals, I did 14 mins of jogging (very slow and largely downhill or on the level) the after a 2 min walk, did a 6 min jog, at least 3 mins of which was uphill and nearly killed me! On the flat though I know I could have kept going for longer.

My next run will be 2x12 mins I think. I ran in the rain but really enjoyed myself. I have found a nice country lane to run down for about half the route, although the rest is along A roads.

I'm really proud of myself and am aiming to get to 30 mins regularly by the birthday in 5 weeks. Just wanted to share with people

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I have had the same time off as you, due to injury and was running 5k 4 times a week.

Really struggling to find where to start back... maybe i should give what you have just done a go.

Was it hard after xmas?


Hi ricrscrl, if hasn't been hard at all and I found the programme really useful. It's called C25k 101 running mate.

I did wk 1 for run 1, wk 2 for run 2 and so on. Hope to get out soon maybe Wednesday evening and try 2x12 mins.

Good luck


Glad you did share! Well done on getting back out there, I imagine it would be so easy just to give up after 3 months, but you haven't. Also sounds like you have maintained a fair bit of fitness which is great.

I think post graduation our motivation can definitely take a dip and you obviously have a lot of things calling for your time. A couple of things you might want to consider though are:

1. Jantastic. Some of us have signed up for Jantastic and are gathered under the couch to 5k team. Do a search and you will find out more. It starts tomorrow.

2. There is also a 6 week challenge being organised on this forum tomorrow. Look for Realfoodieclub's post. We set ourselves a goal (or number of goals) then post in every Monday on our progress. This next challenge is going to run until valentines day.

Hope these help.


Thanks, l will check these out once I manage to graduate again


Just joined the Jantastic NHS c25k group. Thanks for this. Should help keep me motivated

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Well done you and it is hard to fit into a busy life but so worth it...


Finding new routes to run can really make a difference. I mainly run off road and just love running a path or track that is new to me. It stops it all becoming routine. Have you tried a Parkrun, they are brilliantly motivating.


Got up at 6 this morning and did a 12min run, 3 min walk then ran for 11 mins: the last 3 uphill and it was quite a steep hill.

Really pleased with myself but have discovered if I want to run before work I need a 5.30 start...not really possible so it'll have to be evening running for the time being.

1 run this week towards my Jantastic week 1!


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