Couch to 5K

One year on... still running... still loving it!

A year ago I posted the following on my Facebook page:

"I'm wondering if I fell out of bed last night and knocked myself senseless. I was sitting here in the early evening when I had a sudden thought to go for a run. So I did! Nothing strange for some people, but I *don't* run.I only went 5 km and no doubt some folks will say walking for 5 mins and running for 60 secs and repeat for 45 mins, is not running, but it was a big effort for me!"

A day later I wrote:

"I lied about my 'run' on Friday. I used a watch today and what I thought was 60secs running was only 30! today I did 45 secs run, 1 min walk, repeated for 5km. By the end of this my abductors were screaming at me to stop!"

To which a friend replied:

"Sounds like you are embarking on couch to 5k. Good luck"

I'd never heard of C25K, so went searching and found this site.

I downloaded the podcasts and borrowed a mp3 player from my son and went out and completed W1r1. I was in pain from the abductors for the first week or so on the programme, but otherwise really enjoyed the programme. I went to the running shop as advised by my son and after having my gait analysed got running shoes.

After completing C25K I extended my distance to 10km and have subsequently completed in 3 10K races. But more than racing I particularly love trail running and have enjoyed several wonderful off-road runs. I've shared details of some of these in my hiking/outdoors activity blog:

Unfortunately I've suffered a couple of running injuries that have kept me off running for several weeks at a time. I'm currently slowly returning to regular runs following knee bursitis. Progress is slow, but that's partly because I'm too exhausted from my cycle commute to run! About 2 days a week I have a 30 mile return trip by bike and even the days when the commute is half that, when I car share part-way with hubby (and my bike!), leave me too tired when I get home to contemplate going for a run!

I still love running and will try a slightly longer run this week on my days off if I'm not hiking with hubby.

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Crikey Sheila, I had no idea you have "only" been running a year! Your confidence and know-how have been such an inspiration to me this year that I really thought you were an all-time sports' champion :-) Which, of course, you have now become. Great blog, great year to a great Scot , love Delia :-)

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Well, I have always been sporty, just never been a runner! Prior to starting on C25K, I could walk for 20 miles, or climb a 4000m peak, or cycle for 50 miles and I was surprised (and dismayed!) that initially I struggled to run for 60 seconds!

Now, I find that running, as with walking, my strength lies in stamina, not speed. If not for injuries, I'd be running 20km long runs every few weeks or so :-)

ps the know-how comes from the fact that whenever I start something new I read as much about it as I can.


I completely echo what Delia said and just HAD to log in to respond to your post (I'm sure you'll appreciate the effort that went into that!). Well done, you are such an inspiration and have really helped me on my running journey; c25k, half marathon distances, 5x50 and beyond. Here's to the next year, I wonder what it'll bring?

Also I know exactly where you're coming from on the cycle commute. I feel exaclty the same with mine.

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> "and just HAD to log in to respond to your post (I'm sure you'll appreciate the effort that went into that!). "

Oh, I do. I've had to log in each and every day so far and it seems that some days my user name works and some days I need to log in with my email.


This is what people like me need to hear. I'm on week 5 and 5k non-stop seems pie in the sky nevermind beyond. Thank you swanscot and good luck recovering from your injury.


Like Delia, I had no idea you were relatively new to this running caper. You always sound so sporty that I just assumed you'd been running for ages! Hope the knee recovers well, and soon.


wonderful post...I can feel your passion, well done


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