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WK5 Run 3 - nailed it!!!

Never have i been so proud of my little self!! Well actually i have but on that occassion i had just given birth naturally to a 9lb 9.5 baby!! Lol! I found this run quite daunting as i read most of you have but until the last 3 mins or so i felt ok... What an accomplishment for someone who seriously struggled with the 3 min intervals not too long back. Ready and raring to move on! Happy Monday everyone!!! X

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Brilliant, very well done!

Be warned that W6R1 can be tricky - perhaps it's the euphoria of completing W5R3. Just take it slow and steady though and you'll be fine. You've got this far, enjoy the rest of the programme!

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Ah w5r3 that milestone run! Well done, it certainly does feel good to get that one under your belt.

Runningnearbeirut is right, treat w6 with respect. It has caught lots of us out. It's a transition week and deceptively difficult. Good luck and happy running :)


Well done YM! It is so great to get over that hump. Just take it steady and you'll sail through the rest.


Ooo, thanks for the heads up, i was thinking isnt week 6 a little bit of a backtrack? Obviously not!! Onwards and upwards :) x


Well done, that should be a real boost to your confidence and give you faith that you wll be able to the 30 mins in W9. Its amazing how quickly improvement comes.


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