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Week 5 Run 3 COMPLETE!! I'm a Runner!


I was absolutely dreading it! But still, I set off with water in hand (only been taking water for week 5) and started the longest run of my life!

Couldn't believe I had even got half way when Laura said 'you've now been running for 10 minutes' but I kept going. I had set myself the challenge of completing my normal circuit 3 times in the run.

As Laura said 'congratulations you have finished the run...slow down to walking pace' I still had about 100 yards to go to finish the 3rd lap so decided to keep running so...

Not only did I run the full 20 minutes, I also carried beyond Laura's stopping time and completed 3x laps too! :D

I'm a runner!

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Woooo!! That's brilliant :D Well done you!!


Congratulations!! I hope to do it tomorrow.


thats brilliant well done.

Congratulations, well done! From those of us nipping at your heels, thanks for showing us that we can do this, too! Good on ya!


Really well done - I am hoping to be a 'runner' as well come tomorrow am!


Congratulations!!!!! It's such an amazing feeling isn't it when Laura says 'Congratulations you can slow down', not because you can slow down but because you have done it!

Good on you and good luck with all the other runs!


Oh fabulous, well done you! I did mine on Wednesday and I am still on a high! Heres to week 6 then!

YAAAY Well Done! This looks like the scariest run of the lot and I'm very scared of doing it but you have showed me it defo can be done :) xx

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