Best running orientated Christmas present?

My lovely son gave me some magic running gloves that let you operate your iphone without taking them off. And also a subscription to Running Magazine! Most of the articles seem to be aimed at ultra-marathon runners with finely-honed bodies so I am not sure how helpful I will find it, but as I used to be a journalist maybe I can start a running for oldies column! What did everyone else get?

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  • I had "Run 4 It" vouchers off my wife to get some new running shoes, they are quite cool as a gift idea as they come in a mini shoe box, with a packet of jelly beans, a voucher for some free running socks and some other literature.

    I just need to find the time to get to Aberdeen now, to have my gait analysed and use them.

  • Well done Turtle! I got a pair of running shorts! I asked for a pair of long thermal running tights! Doh! I don't think the world is ready for me in shorts!! LOL

  • Lol miss wobble.

    We don't exchange presents at xmas (utter bliss as far as we are concerned) but I got a bit of cash from my parents that I shall put toward a garmin fr10. Just psyching myself up to really feel I can justify it.

  • I really fancy one of those! Can't afford it now but I shall be scouring the sales. All I need now is for my ankle to get better and I'll be off!

  • Go get one of those - I was very lucky and got one for xmas, total surprise as I hadn't asked for one and I love it. So much easier than doing it on my phone which is what I did before to track my runs and no annoying texts/calls mid-run, easy to look at as I'm running to see how fast/slow I'm going and that helps me to get motivated to do more. Hope that's helping towards you justifying getting one ;)

  • I didn't get anything directly related to running, but several items for my 'cross-training' exercise. One son gave me a rear light for my bike (after previously laughing at my 20 year old halogen light) and a pair of pogies for my bike, since I suffer with Rayaulds which makes winter cycling painful:

    Wonderful hubby gave me a Wii Fit doofah. I hope he will use this too.

  • Well done on the prezzies. A new light for your bike is a perfect gift. Are you keeping your old one for nostalgic purposes? I would as I'm so sentimental.

  • All your presents sound lovely, I was lucky enough to get a pair of Luna running sandals as pictured in my profile pic, I also got some Injinji Trail socks, a head torch for the dark nights and a rolling pin to beat the heck out of my aching muscles so I am one very happy bunny :-)

  • Wow didn't everybody do well I certainly did, tickets for Don Williams (big C & W fans) plus meal plus night in a hotel from lovely family and a light weight sewing machine from hubby, old too heavy to lift. Nothing to do with running but I did get out there twice.Pat.:-)

  • I got some lovely pink and black running gloves from my daughter in New York (she is the one who started me on this programme). I also got a wee boxed set of very lightweight waterproof jacket (also pink) a pull on hat and a pair of black gloves which came in a really cute wee box from Aldi. Well actually came from my partner but he got it in Aldi.

    PS I have never worn pink in my life before...

  • Your presents sound nice turnturtle. I got a running jacket. I was so happy. No more running in my fleece! I also treated myself to a couple of new running t-shirts in the sales. I'm just so proud, I never thought I could run. Now I've just completed week 6, run 1.

  • Running jackets are great. And they're so light. I reckon we're like horses- we run faster the less weight we have to carry, so every little helps ;) You have less than 3 weeks to go Viktor. Well done!

  • I'm really liking your idea of writing a running column for older runners - you should do it! I know what you mean about these running magazines, they often are pitched at the more serious runner but still worth reading to glean various tips. Enjoy your new presents, I got way too much chocolate for my own good so may be requiring will power... ;-)

  • Please DO start a running column for oldies, that would be great. I get tired of the range of photos in the average sports magazine, all under 30 and bursting out in the latest (expensive) gear. The nearest I got to running gear for Christmas was some socks but I am actually ok for gear apart from wanting to get my gait analysed and get some new shoes soon.

  • I received a Ronhill running cap to keep the sun and, much more likely, the rain, out of my eyes. I had a giggle at it though as it has a dinky light in the peak so I can see and be seen if I ever go running in the dark.

    Also a buff to keep my neck cosy on frosty mornings.

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