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First run abandoned but success on the second try :)


I had to abandoned my wk5 run 2 run this morning because the ice was so treacherous that I was sliding about everywhere. I had every intention of heading back out later but my hubby wanted to head home early to avoid the bad weather that has been forecast. So 300 miles and just over 7 hours later, I arrived home and after unpacking headed out for my run. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a run, I had a tug of war in my thoughts running the first 8 minutes from one of I can do this, to, Is Laura ever going to blooming tell me that I am nearing the end. On completing the first 8 minutes I had complete elation followed by tears of realisation that my body can do this, to one of sheer determination to complete the next 8 minutes, which I did :)

I am worried about run 3, I know my body is capable but my mind keeps telling me otherwise. The emotions I felt today are surely going to get stronger? If I can only run for 10 walk for 1 and run for 10 will it be cheating? I really hope my legs keep moving! Is run 2 always so testing?

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I would say that if you've got the determination to give W5R2 a second go on the same day (and that after a 7 hour drive), then you'll manage W5R3.

You've been building up your stamina in the programme, and it's been preparing you for this, so just go for it.

I wouldn't have a semi-formed plan of doing 2 x 10 minute runs - just take it slow and steady and aim for the 20 minutes. It's surprisingly "doable" and you'll get a great sense of achievement.


You are doing amazingly..... I was exactly the same, the most part of this programme is in reprogramming your mind to let your body carry on rather than telling it to stop!!! You can do it.... I had nightmares all week before that run...!!!


Thank you for the words of encouragement. I will definitely be taking your advice and will be taking it slow and steady and give it my best shot. The anticipation of the run is a nerve breaker. I am due to go out tomorrow morning so I will be keeping everyone posted.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Jenner78

Please do slow and steady. I've got ahead of myself and now I'm injured through being impetuous. Running on ice is a no-no isn't it. You're just so NOT in control. You have to wait until later in the day when hopefully a bit of sunshine has got through to melt the ice. Yak Trax is what we need I think

Thanks for this warning - my biggest fear is picking up an injury that stops me running and I lose my impetus.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to misswobble

Oh no Miss Wobble, I hope you recover soon. I am back home now and the weather is a lot milder. I didn't realise how different it would be running in the northwest. I think I am quite lucky to live in such a flat county.

I would just echo what everyone else has said - just gentle go for it and you will be amazed. I couldn't get my head round how on earth it was going to be possible, when I was gasping for the 8 mins to be up just a few days previously.

I'm now about to start week 8 and still thinking, how on earth am I going to make the leap from 25 to 28 mins, lol.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to lemondoodle

I was exactly the same on run 2 lemon doodle, that's why I am so worried about it. You are doing really well, week 8 seems such a long way away for me yet. Good luck with the 28 minute run, I am sure you will be fine.

lemondoodle in reply to Jenner78

This programme is so amazing Jenner. Week 8 seemed another planet when I was at 5/2. Just as running for 8 mins, like you have done, when starting week one gasping after 40 seconds and begging Laura to say stop, seemed impossible.

And there I was ,out on Boxing Day... BOXING DAY FOR GOODNESS SAKE, running for 25 mins :)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to lemondoodle

Lol! This has given me such a boost of motivation. My hubby has offered to be my running buddy in the morning. He is a lot fitter than me and finds running effortless but he hasn't been following the programme so I really hope to show him how much my running has improved in such a few short weeks.

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