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Parkrun abandoned after 3K - perils of running in heat

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Morning all,

my parkrun this week was abandoned just after the 3K mark due to a bit of a medical situation. Not for me but for one of the other runners.

I was running along fairly happily (not at PB pace due to the heat) a few metres behind (and catching) another lady as we passed 3K. Then we turned a corner and found another lady flat out, face down at the side of the path, with her dog laying beside her.

The lady I had been about to pass stayed with her whilst I had to sprint off and cut through the park to the finish area to find someone to help.

Fortunately the lady who had collapsed was OK. It's apparently quite common for her to faint during exercise (suffers from low blood pressure apparently) and the heat didn't help. A few minutes of sitting down and some water and she was back on her feet.

But that was my run done. On the plus side, I've gotten my first ever mention in the weekly run report (even if not for the best of reasons) and also made an appearance in one of the run report photos (not sure if that is a plus or not).

Be careful when running in the heat everyone. Especially if you have an underlying condition that could be exacerbated by it. Keep those fluids and electrolytes topped up!

15 Replies

Amazing. Your running skills are saving lives now. Good point about running in the heat. I felt less than well running last wed on the hottest July day in 165 years or whatever it was, and felt a little foolish afterwards! Hope optimum running conditions return soon :)

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Well done for helping a fellow runner. A very good reason to stop your run.

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Wow. Thank goodness she was running at an event and not alone. That's very good of you guys to help her and quick thinking on your part to run off for help.

I'm a person that's prone to lightheadedness and passing out, and suffer extra in the heat. To mitigate this I take some diluted sports drink on any tough run. It gives the body some instant sugar if you need it and it rehydrates you as well. You can also make your own with 6tsp sugar 0.5 tsp salt, 1 litre of water. And if I feel ill, I sit down. Pushing through can have grave consequences as with your Parkrunner.

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A mention for helping out is better than one for a PB :) !

Well done Peter, and thanks for the advice!

(although it doesn't apply where I live...15 degrees at midday (and no, I am not in the Southern Hemisphere - there are cheap flights to Cork if anyone is fed up with the heat!)

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Wow what a pair of stars, you and the lady who stayed with her. I hope you feel fab now, you may have saved her life.. xx

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Well done for stepping up and helping out - she's lucky she didn't have any injuries from the fall... Someone was telling me the other day that we live in a selfish society, where people don't help each other out any more. I told her that I didn't believe it for a minute - thanks for showing me that I was right to insist.

Now I have to be careful my hubby doesn't read this - he saw a report on TV about runners who have strokes and heart attacks whilst running and is now asking me to never run alone...

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You're a wee star with a big heart. Well done for helping a fellow runner.

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MY HERO! * sigh*

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Ah Well done Peter , that was really very kind of you to stop and help.

What you sow, you will reap :-) xxx

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A timely reminder of the dangers of running in the heat! You should change your username to SirGallahad ;) Seriously though, good thing you were there to help and had the strength to sprint off to get help.

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Well done for helping makes me feel like there is some good people in the world x :)

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Well done to you Peter, you definitely deserved the mention in the run report, It goes to show that there are still people out there that are willing to stop what they are doing and help out in whatever way they can, and that runners are good people even though some people don't think so,

Something similar happened to me when I was 12, I was the only one to stop and get help but they didn't stop the race, I came in last but I was happier that I came in last and helped the girl out than just running past and coming in a better place and if I remember rightly it was her appendix and if I hadn't of stopped it would've burst,

This is one of the reason's why I love going to the parkruns because I know that if I fall over for what ever reason there will always be someone like you Peter, to stop and help me out and I would do the same thing for other people just like you did,

*virtual pat on the back* for your help to that woman and it's good that it ended in a good way and that it wasn't any worse than it was,

Take care and keep running,

Siobhan x

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Hero in running shoes!

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The following is a link to a special run report, written after an incident at the inaugural Market Harborough Parkrun in April.

As one of the core team setting up this event, and marshalling further round the course on the day, it definitely concentrates the mind.

Just goes to show that being in the right place at the right time is good for your health. I add my congratulations to Julie, Brian and everyone else involved - not least the crews of both the land and air ambulances that attended.

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Well done Peter. You deserve the special mention.

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