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All clear from the doc, just finished Week 4 run 1 :)

After following people's advice yesterday I managed to contact my Gp who was running an early morning clinic today. She has given the all clear to continue running because of the positioning of the stitches but I was under strict advice that if I feel any pulling or stinging that I must stop immediately and rest until fully healed.

I have just arrived home after my wk4 r1 run and I feel absolutely brilliant! I was cautious about what I wore so to avoid rubbing and took a slow and steady pace throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed my run, my breathing is becoming a lot more relaxed and I had a real

sense of being able to get through those more challenging 5 minute runs. When Laura told me I was half way I just focused on the road ahead and before I knew it she was telling me I only had 1 minute left, I knew I had enough left to carry on to the end. I could have hugged Laura when she said that I had done it, and when I completed the last run a jubilant "yes I did it!" Came out lol!

I have 2 runs left of this week, 1 at home in very flat Hampshire and the last run of week 4 in hilly Yorkshire which I have mixed feelings about because I am not sure how well I will cope with it. Does anyone have any tips for running on inclines/declines?

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Glad you brought that up cos I've got some slopes in my runs. I asked if I should do them or avoid them and was told that doing them would increase my stamina. You can always try and time your run so that you climb the hill in the walking phase. Crafty! Laura's a star isn't she. She'll get you round, no worries


I've just been working out how many runs I have whilst I am staying up there and it works out as 4, including all of week 5! I am not sure how well I will do on that last run of week 5 but if I can manage it up there then I should be fine when I go home. Luckily, two of my runs fall on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day so no run for my Christmas Day :)


Just do your best Jenner, you don't have to go fast or anything, just a weary trudge will do. Someone told me to zig zag across slopes and hills, I think they call it "chopping". I do that now as I have quite a few hilly bits. Good luck with it and happy running


Thank you Miss Wobble.


I've tried this ziggy zaggy thing & it was okay. I really really hate hills.


I'm not looking forward to the hills to be honest. I am not even use to walking up hills, where I am is so flat that even a railway bridge seems mountainous! I will just have to go slow and steady hopefully it will get me through.


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