Nearly burst into tears at parkrun this morning !

Picture the scene --- Was last runner in and had tried really hard all way round as it was quite windy got to end and I had lost my barcode. HELP ! No barcode =no time Ran back to car but didnt have spare so went back to very kind volunteers to explain They must of thought who is this madwomen as they took pity on me Anyway time was recorded and I knocked off 2secs to get new PB of 36 mins Didnt really realise how emotional this running makes me

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  • Congrats Fitfor60! I was nearly crying at the end of mine today, but more because I missed by PB by just 3seconds...gutted! I'm going to look into getting a set of the key fob barcodes so that I can't lose my paper one - might be a thought?

  • I've got the key fob !! But left on kitchen table !!!!! Paper one I always stick down my bra so goodness knows where it went Volunteers must have really wondered what I was doing rummaging around down front of top Lesson learned as never want to feel like that again Isn't it amazing how we now talking about PBs when few weeks ago we couldn't even manage to run for 1min Let me know how you get on at next parkrun

  • Poor you! As for the bar code key fob, my first one rubbed off, so I put a second one next to it (code on the inside) and this has worked. It is emotional and infuriating when you miss the PB by seconds!!!!

  • Where do you carry your fob Cloudshaser Never thought about details rubbing off

  • Congratulations glad all turned out well , I'm thinking of doing park Run next Saturday . Well done your doing great !

  • Thanks

  • Rockette you should do parkrun Great atmosphere And nice to have ' Official' time recorded I found at start there is a kind of woosh with all the runners so don't be tempted to get swept up and go too fast Remember Laura -slow and steady and you will get there Let us know how you get on Good luck

  • Thanks for advice ,I've decided I'm doing it ! I'm petrified though lol , def doing it I've made my statement on here now .

  • Well done on the PB especially as it was a bit breezy in places this morning. I did have a look for you at the end but my son is home from uni and was way ahead of me and getting cold in shorts and T-shirt.

  • Thank you that was kind of you but it was far too cold for you to be hanging around It must have been nice to run with your son Is that him home for Christmas

  • Well done on your pb. Great time. And well done for coping with all the trials and tribulations and ploughing through.. Such determination.

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations on your PB your so right about us all talking about PB's and yet only a few months ago we were non-runners :) you have come such a long way......sorry for your upset re your barcode, I have the plastic ones It was suggested to me to thread one onto your laces and just tuck it into the top of your shoes laces, I haven't tried it yet because I haven't done a parkrun, the ones local to me seem to have such fast times that I have been afraid to give it a go until I can get my time down a bit closer so they wont all have to wait around for ten minutes at least for me LOL

  • You should really just go for it I was so nervous the 1st time and the whole parkrun issue just seemed to grow in my head until I thought just get do it once and get it out the way Now I'm hooked . I am way way at the end but everybody is so nice and clap and encourage you You are never felt a nuisance cos so slow I now have mindset I am just out for normal sat run and oh look a few folk just happen to be there at start with me ( there has been between 280 and 460 running!!) that could be your new year quest ill try shoelace thing thanks

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