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Enjoyable run this morning again!!!!

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No wildlife this morning but a very enjoyable 6k. One of those days that I felt I could run forever.

A very muggy morning with low mist hanging over the grass. There must have been some heavy rain overnight as there were huge puddles everywhere and the trees were bent over, laden with water. This was handy on the way back. I pulled on some low branches to unleash a deluge which was great and very welcome relief :-) . Anyone watching must have thought I had a screw loose as I went off route to soak myself as I ran. I really should take a water bottle with me on warm or muggy days but this was much more fun :D

Happy running/resting folks ;-)

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AncientMum profile image

Sounds like brilliant fun and a great run. :)

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runner56Graduate in reply to AncientMum

Indeed it was. Might need to avoid the route for a week or so tho :-)

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How lovely. I've only glimpsed that feeling once or twice ... Getting that "I could run for ever" is my goal .. Does Garmin measure that and tell me I've got a PB?!!! Could be a gap in the market there.. Hmm.

I love the cooling shower from the leaves idea. Can just picture it :) a great run to hear about. X

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runner56Graduate in reply to Jaqs99

If only life didnt get it the way Jaqs I am sure we could all run and run and run.

Note to self "steal jaqs measuring idea and sell to garmin"

no-excuse profile image

That sounds like a very enjoyable run! Like the branch tactic! x

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runner56Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I needed to cool down, there was no rain, and the trees were full of cool cool water :D

Just glad no one else was passing beneath. That could have been awkward :O

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Sounds great :) The other night I finished my treadmill run and I ended up quite hot even though I only run in shorts. It was raining outside so I just had to go out into the back garden and stand, shorts only, in the pouring rain to cool off. It was magic ;)

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runner56Graduate in reply to paul2014

Now that sounds brilliant Paul.

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paul2014Graduate in reply to runner56

Oh, it was. Neighbours probably thought I was mad ;)

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What a great run! :-) And good thinking; I'll try that myself when I see trees laden with water. Up to now I've been pouring water over myself from my bottle! Glad you enjoyed your run this morning, Runner. :-)

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runner56Graduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Prepares you for the ice bath Miles :D

chappamaddog profile image

I do the same ..lol

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