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Week 8 In the bag!

Hurrah, I've just (still sweating) finished Week 8, although I had to do R2 yesterday morning and R3 tonight due to other commitments (parties, work etc). Almost had a Paula Radcliffe toilet moment half way through tonight but that is truly the only similarity we have, lol. I even went at quite a speed for the last 60 seconds, and I feel great. Some of the Xmas decorations on my route are absolutely stunning and some garish, I think I'll start handing out awards for taste, tackiness etc. I'm so chuffed with myself and looking forward to a glass of champagne or two at my best friends birthday party tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I avoid the cigarettes (week 13 of smoke free) as they are all big smokers. Bring on Monday and Week 9. Happy running x

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Congratulations for not only finishing week 8 but also for being dedicated enough to go out two days on the trot.....and of course massive well done for not smoking


Happy running to you too! You are doing really well and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you managed to avoid the cigarettes. 13 weeks is some achievement.


Hope the non smoking went well. Like the Christmas Dec awards idea. I need a distraction like that, especially on these dark night runnings.


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