Fortunately I was in the early weeks of discovery that I had a heart condition where I was having palpitations. Not because of the running but the running helped me to confirm that I had a long term problem. I really tried to complete the 1st week of C25k program and noticed I was too out of breath. I am a gentle cyclist so I really noticed that the exertion of the first week was too much. Following a check up and an ECG my doctor /now hospital has confirmed the problem and lined me up for an ablation procedure. A flexible wand will be inserted in a vein and a nerve attached /alongside my natural 'pacemaker' on my heart will be frozen dead to stop the erratic heart beating that has caused me to be out of breath. It is a common procedure. Apparently it is the same procedure that Tony Blair had done recently. So this C25k program is a bit of a life saver. I will be given appropriate medication when I get back from holiday to start the procedure. 90% cure guaranteed. I will repost in Feb /Mar to let you know how I get on. If no posting in April /May.... well, it didn't work! LOL.


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20 Replies

  • Good luck Justice. I wish you well.

  • I had one a year ago, no meds were needed but I had an ablation, you will be fine! I'm now running about 7km a week!!

    Mine was also when I was trying to exert myself, even though I was fine swimming or cycling!

    Did they give you a name for your condition?

  • I wish we had 'get well' cards on here. If they did, I would send you one.

    I hope it all goes well, and you will be back out running soon.

  • What a great community this is. Thanks for the education. Get well soon Justice.

  • Hope all goes well & you will be back running soon :-)

  • Good luck Justice & all the very best to you.

    would you mind describing how out of breath you were that gave you concern? I'm breathless fast walking and have normalised this as it's the way I've been for a while. Joanne

  • All the best. And hear from you in 2014! Keep us posted.

  • Best wishes for your procedure. It's amazing what learning to run can bring Into your life. I started running 4 years ago and had a similar situation to yourself. I found out I had a serious thyroid issue that needed radiation treatment. My advice is to listen to your body as you get better it will tell you when your ready. I knew earlier this year as I was out for a walk a little voice said "run" and a few weeks later I started I this program. We have an amazing power to heal. Look after yourself.

  • Good luck

  • Thank you.

  • Brilliant that you have been diagnosed early, and as you said, a straight forward procedure. Look forward to hearing your running exploits when you are back on full (better!) form!

  • Look forward to hearing how well everything going for you once they've sorted you out.

  • Thank you.

  • Glad you found out. Is it an atrial or ventricular problem? Sounds like they think its atrial so that's an easier ablation with higher success! Best to you.

  • Thank u for you kind words. Atrial.

  • I am sorry I have only seen your post now. I hope you are feeling much better now :)

  • Broken Hearted: I am still here! Thank you all for your kind regards. I travelled to Florida to spend four weeks with mum and she passed away 10th January, two days after I got back. I am fine about this major loss. None of us will live forever and I have taken that blow on the chin. I loved her dearly.

    My Heart Condition: I cycle gently. I cannot run at present. I must have had my heart condition for a long time now, unidentified, thinking I was lazy - knowing I could not do much for too long. My abnormal rhythms I would tolerate as normal. However at a recent consultation with Cardic Unit my heart was racing 140-150bpm. It should be running approx 60-65bpm in a normal person. Consultant witnessed this with ECG print out and sent me down to have intravenous beta blocker to calm the heart rate immediately. The ECG technician would not say that anything was wrong - she said she is not the doctor. She was the other side of the curtain when I heard her say 'take this to the doctor immediately, there are a lot of base notes'. On the ward as I was hooked up to heart and blood pressure monitors the cardiac nurse made some exclamatory remark - which let me know I was more ill than I knew. Consultant was most concerned and came to see me on the ward as I was being treated. Heart rate dropped to normal following the intravenous beta blockers and I was sent home with oral daily dose of beta blockers (drug of choice for orchestra musicians I understand! - helps to keep them calm, I am told - not a recommendation). I am to continue with Warfarin (blood thinner) to achieve an optimal saturation in my blood of 2.5 over four consecutive weeks (when I will be 'theraputic') before operation, perhaps in June. I will have the ablation procedure in day surgery where I will have micro wire from groin to heart to freeze kill nerve ends on heart (muscle) to stop the atrial fibrillation (top chambers of heart beating 4:1, instead of 1:1) which I have been experiencing. I am not worried about the procedure at all. Well wishers on this website have shared their experiences of same procedure and I have heard other positive outcomes of former patients gaining a new lease of life. I go into the hospital every week to have a blood test and see people who are so much worse off than I. I am grateful to everyone at Couch to 5k because it was through attempting the programme that I discovered my heart condition. Take care of your blessings. I will post again post op. Justice101013.

  • Good Luck Justice101013. You've really been through a tough time recently. Hope all goes well for you in the coming weeks and months. Stay strong and positive and take good care of yourself.

  • Any update Justice??

  • Greetings: I am well, everyone. I am going to have another go at Couch to 5k again starting next week - when I locate my mp3 player. Thanks for all your good wishes. Procedure was worth it. Enjoy your day.

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