I ran (a bit)

After about a month off injured, I have finally tried to run again - yippee! I've had a really painful hip for ages, I think after getting over-excited and increasing distance too fast. I didn't go and find out what the problem was after finding out how much a physio appointment costs, but made sure I had a full week with no pain when walking before I tried a very gentle jog. It was a little bit uncomfortable, but no real pain, so I'm really hoping it will be OK!!! I've missed running loads and am dying to get going again. I've gone right back to Week 3 of C25K to force myself not to overdo it. It was actually really nice to go back to the good old podcasts and Laura. Hope everyone else is doing well! :)


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17 Replies

  • Good to hear you're running again - it must be sooooo frustrating to have to abstain through injury!

    Take it easy, listen to your body and I'll look forward to seeing you improve again.

    And yes, things going well here - loving my running!

  • Hiya, I couldn't run for about a year with a hip injury. I'm now careful with my foot strike - i.e. I try not to land on my toes or my heels, aiming for the middle of my foot. I am also careful to do the stretches for runners on the nhs site after each run. They don't take long. I'm about to start week 9 and so far my hip is holding up really well - fingers crossed!

    Good luck and look after yourself :-)

  • Injuries are a nuisance. I hurt my ankle in W3 first time round. I didn't run again for about 5 months and felt quite negative about trying again. I'm glad I have though. I suppose there are always going to be injuries - we just have to minimise the risk and get over them. Good for you!

  • Well done for getting back out there, take it easy and fingers crossed! I have been sidelined for 4 weeks as well with a hamstring injury. I was amazed at just how much I missed being able to get out for a run. I went on my first run post injury on Saturday; it went well so I'm hoping that's me sorted.

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend and taking it nice and slowly. Hope it continues to improve x

  • That's good news. Do take it easy, hope it continues to improve :) x

  • Great that you are out again! Take it gently. Hope you are stretching and have googled some exercises to help strengthen that hip!

  • Hey Glud ! Good to see you back :-)

    Yes you are doing the right thing , taking it slow and not too far. I do sympathise , one run its my left hip, another run its my right hip . Pah !

    Have you found any exercises on t'internet that will be useful ? ie. Clams, Bridge , Squats etc . I certainly found that if done regularly , they do make a difference .

    Heres to your continued recovery :-) xxx

  • Welcome back!

  • Well done Glud. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Welcome back, it is easy to over do it after the joy of graduating C25K.

    The thing is, everyone is different, so there can be no one size fits all rules. I think that during the initial period after completing C25K injury is almost unavoidable. You've learnt to push yourself further than you thought you were capable of, it's normal that you will continue to push.

    I think the first year or so after C25K is a big learning exercise. Learning to read when your body really does need some rest, and when it is just a bit tired and having a moan.

    I was lucky, looking back, my legs were giving me plenty of signs that all was not well. But I pushed on. Résult mostly on the IC for six weeks. I'm hoping that the next time that happens, that I wil recognise the signs, but there's no guarantee.

    So, again, welcome back, dont feel too bad about having pushed yourself too much, it's all part of learning and understanding your body. Best wishes for your continued recovery.

  • Welcome back. Just do as others have said and take it easy at first. Don't push things too hard.

  • Welcome back Gludwig. Think you're very wise to force yourself to take things very slowly and carefully. Good luck :)

  • So well done Gludwig. Im going to do a full week off and a bit. My hips still causing me problems. I wondered how to get back into running after just over the week. Looking folwark to ser how you do.

  • Glad you have been able to get back out again and fingers crossed that you are ok. I guess as new not so young runners we all have niggles of various sorts but what you have had doesn't sound like fun.

  • Welcome back - great to hear you are on the mend. Take things easy and good luck for a smooth transition back :)

  • GLudwig - no hear for a while - are you still managing to run? Hope your hip pain hasn't returned?

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