First post-grad run - ran 5.19km in 41 min!

Yes very slow, but I hey I can run for 40mins! Oh my god it was tough, but I was sure I could do it if I just pushed myself, and kept thinking about what Laura says, that pushing yourself to the end of a tough run is how you build fitness. I also achieved my fastest pace yet! My furthest previous run was 3.8km in the 30 min run, so v. happy indeed.

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  • Well done that's brill , bet your on a runners high

  • Thanks Rockette, I do feel quite stunned! And congrats on your graduation btw! Hope you get your badge soon :)

  • Congratulations

  • Thanks :)

  • Yes it is slow, but only if you compre youreslf with the like of Mo! Compared to us lesser mortals, it is a perfectly respectable time for a bit over 5k. Look at the Parkrun times and see where you would come ~ and you most certainly wouldn't be last.

    I am impressed that you have stuck with it and are now a fully-fledged runner. Too many give up and fall by the way-side, but not you. You have kept at it and look at you now...

    You should be VERY PROUD of yourself.

  • Oh thank you Sallycycle, what lovely words..."fully-fledged runner" I like the sound of that! I will look at the Parkrun times. Thank you again :-)

  • Congratulations Sarah-b! That is so fab! You should be so proud! I too did my first post grad 5k run last week and I got a time of 39.13 so I am running at about the same pace as you. We might be slow but we did it :) :) :)

  • Hoorah! Congrats to you too! We have improved our health sooo much, and it can only get better! I feel happy about that every day :)

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