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First post grad run - first park run

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So I finally took the plunge this morning and did a park run - it was fab. Managed to jog all but ~300m which is further and longer than I have ever run. Next aim is to run the whole thing πŸ™‚. Was proud to have C25k as my running club too. Oh yes, and I wasn't last πŸ‘

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Oh good on ya.


Nice one!!!


Well done. I shared a similar experience with you. I did my first post C25K Graduation run also this morning at a Parkrun. I live about 30 minutes North of Dublin and this morning for a change I drove to Dublin and met my two sisters at Marley Park and did the Parkrun there. The crowd was 5 times bigger than my local Parkrun. I got a new PB for me, 32:23 shaving off almost 30 seconds. Although like you my legs got heavy after 3 km and I had to walk for 300-400 metres. The run felt a lot longer than 5 km, just a different course.

SueKenGraduate in reply to damienair

Wow - you're quite a bit faster than me 😊


thats it now, you are addicted to parkrun. ;) best addiction ive had anyway XD


It is great that you have managed the park run.I am a bit apprehensive about running with a crowd.

SueKenGraduate in reply to nero99

So was I! I made sure I started near the back, and was a bit demoralised when most people sped off ahead. But I kept up my slow and steady pace and was soon overtaking people who had slowed up to walk. It was a good atmosphere, and the marshals around the course were really encouraging. I'd say give it a try πŸ™‚


Wow, good for you! That's my next goal. Maybe in a few weeks.


Ooh very brave, well done. Parkrun is on my list of things to do too. Sometimes there are 450 runners at our local event which I can't imagine. I still feel a fraud to be honest, not a real runner! Everyone seems to love them though, so hopefully one day soon. Great that you enjoyed it :)

SueKenGraduate in reply to linda9389

Just go for it! There were nearly 700 at mine, but it was fine. It's given me a new target to work towards.

SueKenGraduate in reply to SueKen

Ps and there were some really serious runners who were finishing their second lap as I finished my first, but the volunteers were still really supportive to the slower runners 😊

linda9389Ambassador in reply to SueKen

700? crikey!!!!

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