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shin splints?

I've just come back from wk6 run 2 and my shins hurt! To be fair they started hurting after my last run, which is why i waited 4 days before attempting this one. i also decided on a route whereby I would run mainly on grass as figured this would give me more of a cushion than pavement running, which I've been doing up to now. The pain runs parrell to my bone on the inside and is in both this shin splints and if so, WHAT DO I DO???? I so desperately don't want to stop now as I fear Ill loose my mojo and never go back!

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I don't know but it does sound like it , I think if it is they recommend 2wk break , but I'm not 100% so don't take my word for it . Hope alls well soon


Yep, sounds like shin splints. They are uncomfortable, I know, I have had them.

As with any injury, rest is the key, though I have read some articles that say exercise can also help. I guess it is what is comfortable for you, and works for you. As to how to avoid them in future, it is a case of carefully exercising that muscle, which is not easy, and then being careful when running not too over stride, or push it. There is loads of info. on the Web. I tend to find 'Runners World' is pretty helpful.

The good news is, they do get better, and you will get through it. Just take it easy when you start running again.


I had really bad shin splints when I started. The tip is stretching the calf muscles, if you go on you tube there are some really good videos showing the exercises. Mine cleared in about a week.and I didn't need to rest.


Have you got a link for the you tube videos?


Thanks everyone. Just found an amazingly detailed reply on this forum by someone called Greg_M; titled, "Shins! Can we fix them - yes we can - well nearly..." With exercise clips from you tube. Guess what I've been doing tonight?! Please pray for my shins! ... And my mojo! I worry that too long a break will result in it disappearing again for another 36 years! What are folks views on the benefits/ or otherwise of gait analysis?


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